Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 20

Ayame's Secret Life

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2001 on
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Yuki and Tohru visit Ayame's dress shop. Ayame's assistant Mine Kurame, has grander ideas. Could there be some cosplaying involved? And what is "The Thing"?

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  • Awesome episode

    But i didnt get why they had to censored things lol
  • we see another side to ayame

    great episode!! so very very funny!! the one part that i wasnt to fond of was having the narrator, i mean i like the character but she wasnt really needed. i did think it was funny when she was puting kyo in and all of the parts she put were of him geting beat up that was so funny and then kyo popped up and it was just pictures of her. lol it was a blast. ayame was so great in this one. i loved when he told kyo that he didnt need to go when kyo had no idea what he was talking about. the whole show was just great, yuki's reaction to ayames shop was funny. i personally thought his shop was cool and i liked his assistant, they were so cute together, but i have a hard time seeing ayame going with any one but if he did i think she would be perfect. so we find more about about yukis and ayame past and it was pretty sad but it was weird seeing ayame that serious and i dont think yuki got as much out of it as he should have but i can understand why. ok one more think i thought was a bit dumb is that torhu did not look that great in that dress. but i did think it was funy when ayame was telling hatori about it.moreless
  • Tohru and Yuki go to Ayame's shop...

    This episode starts out with Ayame visiting Shigure's house once again. He is showing off his new advertisement cards for his shop. Yuki says that he would like to see Ayames shop, which of course makes Ayame really happy. He runs to Shigure and tells him that Yuki want to see his shop, and then he calls Hatori to tell him the news as well. Yuki starts to get embarassed. Then Ayame invites Tohru to come along as well, and she agrees to go after making sure that she wouldn't be in the way.

    That very next Sunday, Yuki and Tohru go to visit Ayame's shop. When they get there, they realize that it is a cloth shop. And then Ayame runs out to them in a bridal gown, shocking poor Yuki and Tohru. Ayame explains that he makes clothes as well as selling material. The dress was for a man that was pretty much his size and shape.

    Mine, Ayame's assistant, helps to explain that many men love seeing women in odd outfits. Like a maids outfit or a nurses outfit. This really seems to stun Yuki, and of course Tohru thinks that it is really amazing and wonderful. Then Mine drags Tohru off to try on an outfit, giving the brothers a chance to talk alone.

    Yuki and Ayame talk for a little while. During their talking Ayame apologizes for never beening there for Yuki and for never paying him any attention. Meanwhile, Mine explains to Tohru that Ayame's biggest fear is being treated the way that he had treated Yuki when they were younger.

    Then Mine brings Tohru out of the back room. Tohru is wearing a really pretty yellow dress. Yuki is speechless, and of course Ayame is going on and on about how beautiful she looks. But when he tries to give her a kiss, Yuki punches him and takes Tohru to a different part of the store.

    There Yuki explains what happened between him and his brother, and that he is willing to try to get along with him better. Then Yuki compliments Tohru on how pretty she looks. Tohru covers her face, and starts to blush. Just as Yuki is about to say something else, Ayame makes a comment and the two young men start fighting again.moreless
  • Ayame invites his brother Yuki to come and see his shop.But he also invites Tohru to come along as well to see the shop and yes Kyo does not appear in this episode.moreless

    Yeah this was an funny episode.When Yuki said that he wanted to see his brother shop.This got Ayame very excited so excited that he had to tell the whole world about this.Of course he told Kyo he wasn't invited.Tohru was happy as well.She hope that the two can make an relationship out of each other as siblings.You could say its seemed to be little cosplaying by the looks of it.I loved the appearance of Ritsu's mom! I loved how she comments about Kyo as well! But this episode was very special since we see that Ayame wants to patch things up for his little brother.I think he was trying to show that he really cares for him very much.moreless
Amber Cotton

Amber Cotton

Mine Kuramae

Guest Star

Kimberly Grant

Kimberly Grant


Guest Star

Christopher R. Sabat

Christopher R. Sabat

Ayame Sohma

Recurring Role

Julie Mayfield

Julie Mayfield


Recurring Role

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goofs: Ayame, in the flashback of when he was a teenager, had shorter shoulder length hair. But in a previous episode, when asked by Tohru, Ayame replied that even back in middle school, he has always had long hair.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Yuki: Miss Honda, I think, I think I figured something out about my brother. I don't necessarily like what he does, and half of everything he says is nonsense, but if I'm ever going to understand him I have to accept him the way he is and try to move beyond his faults. Otherwise, I think the more I see of him, the more it's only going to wear me out. Somehow, that makes me very sad to say that. But still, Miss Tohru, I'm glad we came here today. (Yuki turns and smiles at Tohru) Because, I also got to see you looking so adorable.

    • (commercial breakaway after hostess appears and apologizes.)
      Hostess: Anyway, the reason I'm here is that we see very little of Kyo in this episode. So the producers thought you might enjoy this little segment we've named "Kyo's corner".
      (Footage of Kyo posing, holding his shoulder.)
      Hostess: As you can see behind me, I've edited together a brief "Kyo highlight reel."
      (footage changes to Kyo getting his ass kicked by Kagura and everyone else.)
      Hostess: I sifted through hours of footage of previous episodes, and from that I've selected many of Kyo's greatest moments.
      (Kyo appears with anger marks on his head.)
      Hostess: I hope you enjoy the segment as much as I do.
      Kyo: Hey, how the hell are these supposed to be my greatest moments?!
      Hostess: (nervously) ha ha ha
      Kyo: Don't "ha ha ha" me? And what's with this part? It only has you in it!
      (Ritsu's mom giggles nervously again.)
      Hostess: (screaming with large scary face) I'm sorry! I'll do it again! I never should have put myself into the reel! What was I thinking?! I'm sorry!
      Director: (voiceover) I told him we shouldn't have asked her to come.

    • (Ayame, wearing a wedding dress, runs toward Yuki.)
      Yuki: What is that; that hideous thing? I don't know, but it's coming right for me!

    • (After Mine explains her different dress preferences and gets a compliment from Ayame.)
      Ayame: Yes, well I give praise where praise is due. But I also have to disagree with you on one thing...
      (Mine is puzzled)
      Ayame: I still think the best *beep* for a *beep* uniform is *beep*. Although recently, I have been experimenting with a few designs using *beep*.
      Mine: Now why would you choose a *beep* scheme like that?
      Ayame: The *beep* itself is the whole point! I'm striving for something a bit more 'stoic'
      Mine: Well, that's a good quality for a nurse to have, but aren't you worried that gray might be more "somber" than it's "stoic".
      Ayame: Ah, but you're probably imagined this nurse wearing dark stockings since you know that black and navy are typically worn with grays. But what if she were instead wearing gleaming white knee-highs and a white nurse's cap on her head?
      Mine: That might be interesting...
      Ayame: Of course it is! Remember it's important to be mindful of tradition but we cannot let our ties to the past preventing us from soaring into the future, in search of new things!
      Mine: Aye-Aye Captain!
      Tohru: (Seeing Yuki wobbling in dazed confusion) Yuki...Uh!

    • (A rice ball in a sailor suit appears after the commercial break.)
      Rice Ball: (Singing) Sailor suit, sailor suit, a rice ball alien in a sailor suit!

    • (The show pauses on a picture of Ayame as if it were on a film, and at the bottom right corner, Ritsu's mom appears.)
      Hostess: (giggling) Excuse me, I'm sorry. You may not remember me from my previous appearance. If you've forgotten, I'm the hostess who manages the Sohma hot spring. (laughing awkwardly) I don't often leave the resort, but today the producers asked me if I might come and introduce master Ayame. So in spite of my shy nature, here I am. (giggle) I'm sorry. I hope my being here isn't an intrusion.
      (A random script appears.)
      Hostess: Huh? What do we have here? Oh, I see. The show's already started. What?! We've started?! Oh No! What do I do?! Lines. Lines!
      (Ritsu's mom scatters the script.)
      Hostess: Oh no! My script! Uh, Master Ayame is.
      (She ripped a page of her script in half.)
      Hostess: (screaming and freaking out in front of the camera) Ahhh! I'm taking too long! I was supposed to tell you about his store! I'm sorry! I've messed up the introduction! I'm sorry Mr. Director! And all you people watching me at home, I'm so sorry! (camera abruptly turns off)

    • (Mine asks Ayame how his bonding time with Yuki went.)
      Ayame: Hmm, I'm not so sure. It's hard to say really. In the end, I'm not sure what he got from it. But I know that I, at least, will always cherish the moment we had today.

    • (Ayame asks Yuki what he thinks of Tohru in a dress. Yuki is stunned.)
      Ayame: Well if you won't do it then I will honor her with a kiss.

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