Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 8

Don't Cry, For the Snow will Surely Melt

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Aug 23, 2001 on

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  • Truly heart wrenching. One of my favorite episodes.

    Hate on me all you want, but my favorite character of the series-both manga and anime-was Hatori. While he came across as kinda emo, he was willing to protect Tohru, cared for his loved ones, always spoke out when his friends got on his nerves, was a father figure to Momiji-another one of my favorite characters, and was able to move on with his life once Kana had her mind erased-at the end of the manga, it's revealed he's in a relationship with somebody else. This episode-and manga chapter-always makes me cry. Hatori and Kana were always there for each other, and Kana was willing to stay by Hatori's side, even though he transformed into a seahorse when hugged by the opposite sex. Truly a great couple! However, Akito won't have it, and injures Hatori's eye, causing Kana to become neurotic due to Akito's claims that she caused 'him' to do this-in the manga it's explained why Akito does what 'he' does, but I'm not gonna give it away. In the end, Hatori is forced to erase the memories Kana had of their relationship for her own happiness, even though it would only hurt himself in the end. Once I get to that scene, I'm bawling my eyes out. This episode also gave me the impression that Akito was a cold hearted jerk who never let others get in 'his' way. Final say, this episode is a tear jerker that foreshadows the darkness amongst the Sohma family.
  • we learn more about the dragon

    well, i just hate that leader guy, akito, he is suck a crazy but face! i wanted to kill him! how he hit the dragon guy and then blamed the girl! what a Crazy Bas**rd! and i now feel horible bad for the dragon guy! what a horible way to live and i hate that i dont know what the souma curse is! i had thought it was just them transforming but it seems to be more to it! well im glad i saw the little boy again! and i thought it was cute but sad houw much torhu was like dragons love. so sad. but i thought it was funny when he transformed back into a man and he asked if she saw it, i burst out laughing cuz i knew what he ment it just sounded so wrong! but it was a very good episode, i liked finding out more about the family, but that akito guy is scary.
  • To me this episode made me cry very much.It made me cry Hatori even what had happened in the past.Which he has not reveal to Tohru.Even when he had told her that she should leave the Sohma\'s.

    I admitt this episode made me cry.The only reason that Hatori told her to leave Shigure house,was to protect her.I assume he didn\'t want Yuki\'s feelings to get hurt or Momiji.He had an tragic past.When he met Kanna.The two start to fall in love.When they were planning to get married.You know who the great and so powerful Akito didn\'t allowed it.He ended up beating Hatori and blaming Kanna for it.Which made Kanna cried and told Hatori to earse her memories.She told him that she was sorry for not protecting him.I guess Hatori was really upset that Kanna,had to leave.But he had to let go.
  • In this episode we get to see the heartbreaking storyline of Hatori Sohma. Tohru also gets her first glance at that mysterious Akito, the head of the Sohma family.

    I was a little worried that this episode wouldn't live up to my expectations. I wondered why they make Tohru meet up with Hatori, but I'm so glad that they did. In this episode we actually get to see some ugly secrets of the Sohma Family. We see the power and control that Akito has over everyone. Even down to the people that they love, Akito holds absolute control. I also love the fact that the bond between Tohru and the Sohmas just keeps getting more important. She brings out the best in them, she makes them think of good times even if it hurts, and most of all she makes it certain that she will be there to help them whenever they are in need.
  • This episode perfectly defines what Fruits Basket truly is.

    We get the impression that Hatori is an emotionless man who has the ability to erase people's memories. Tohru was summoned by Hatori, supposedly to erase her memories of the Sohma curse and of all her memories she had living with Yuki and Kyo. Though her visit was for a different reason, which is very relieving. In fact, we even learn why Hatori is the man he is now. Hatori quickly fell in love with his assistant, and they both decided to marry each other. The girlfriend had even known about the Sohma curse, but knew something minor like that shouldn't be a bothersome, and continued to love him. However, when Hatori confirmed to Akito of their marriage, he grew furious and slashed his right eye, completing blaming the girl for all of this. She gets heart broken, and for her sake, Hatori erased her memory. Though what truly gets to him is that he pulls many similarities between Tohru and his ex girlfriend, mainly the answer they gave when he asks what does snow turn into when it melts.

    This episode is one of my favourites of the series, for I think the Sohma curse had the biggest impact on Hatori. You have an extreme sense of sympathy for him, despite having a neagitve opinion of him 20 minutes before. Everything was executed to perfection. I don't think acting in anime could have been done any better. If you're planning to watch Fruits Basket, then you'd be a fool to miss this episode.