Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 6

Invincible Friendship

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Aug 09, 2001 on

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  • =^-^=

    i love fruits basket it gets to be funny, crazy, and weird but it can get really good where everyone gets along and enjoy that they are together ! ! ! =^-^= especially when they turn into their animal form and hopes no one saw them . . . . . . . . . i hate haveing to write 100 words tho but truely i love them ^ ^ i hope i'll be able to see more episodes really soon ! ! ! ! ! ! so plz keep this up and soon i'll be able to see all!!! YAY
  • some of torhu's friends visit

    ha ha ha what a fun episode! i love seeing them turn into animals, its so fun! i loved the pyhcic kept making them freak out, it was so cute! they made the cutest faces! but i dont see how they could not have figured out that they turn into animals! it was so obvious! but really funny, im glad her friends liked it, and even though i had wanted them to figure it out i was afraid of what would happen if they had. im glad she had played rich man poor man again so yuki could be included, it was sweet! but a overall great episode! it seems weird though you wouldnt think that that group of girls would work well together but they do.
  • A Sohma sleepover gone wrong

    While the Sohmas weren't forced to transform in the manga, they certainly were here...over and over and over again. And we find out a little of Tohru's past (though not the whole Kyo/Yuki/hat backstory), namely how Uo and Hana came to be friends with her. The main action was zany and I liked it. I knew I picked a winner with vol 2 of the manga (episodes 6, 7, and 8).
  • Uo and Saki visit the Sohma's house for an sleepover.

    When Tohru invited her two friends to Shigure's house.Shigure,Kyo and Yuki has to keep the secret of the family curse an secret.So the other two wont find out.Altough they tried their best to avoid any hugging although that fails! Actucally its funny.I mean cute too.I mean they try their best not to show themselve.Oh yeah in the english verison Tohru calls Shigure "Spot" but in the japanase she calls him "Pooch" yeah Kyo gotten serious when he said that they should show themselves and get their memory earse.But it would also mean earsing Tohru as well.You know what could be more interesting.If they added an scene from the manga,where Tohru talks about the hat and the boy.Who was helping her way back home.