Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 23

Is the Rumored Ri That Mother's Daughter?

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 2001 on

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  • monkey!

    very intertaining episode. it was really funny, i really like ritzu(i think) it was really really funny when he bought fruit books instead of a basket, so funny and rather sweet. shigure was a blast in this episode too. so funny picking on ritzu like that, though you could see it as mean too. it was funny when he would hit ritzus side his face was always so funny when he did that. i was also glad to see hatori, i really like him. i also thought it was funny with the milk. i was kinda sad that they left out the end... in the manga shigure editor meets rizu and they were really cute together
  • Tohru gets to meet another member of the Sohma's family Ritsu.Who said to be the daughter of the hot spring owner.But it seemed that there is something more about Ritsu,than meet the eye.

    Yeah I think this episode is very FUNNY.I mean its makes me laughed.Even with Ritsu,she I mean he is very funny.Altough he keeps blaming himself for the things that he has done.When Tohru accidently hugged Ritsu.She was very confused wondering why she hugged him.When she did find out.She found out that Ritsu was an guy.Of course Ritsu,reveals to Tohru about why he wears an girl clothing and all that kind of stuff.It made me sad about that one.He only feels guilty for his parents.Yes Ritsu clumsyness makes me laugh.But still this episode was very funny indeed.