Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 17

It's Because I've Been Loved That I've Become Stronger

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2001 on

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  • grrr!

    yay we meet the tiger! and what a cute tiger she is!! i felt so bad for her, being picked on just cuz of the way she looks! what butt holes! of course torhu helped her as i knew she would. a sohma of the zodiac has a problem and torhu always manages to help. which isnt bad, its sweet which is why i rated a ten, but still i want some new stuff every now and then. like the one about momijis life was good, cuz in the end it wasnt all happily ever after like this one... not that this one was! oh i dont know what im saying it was great even if it was predictable. i hope we see kisa again though, just to see how much she changed
  • The debut of my favorite character in the show and of all time, Kisa Sohma (a.k.a. Satchan)!

    Pros: Satchan, Satchan, Satchan!

    Cons: "Sissy"?

    Oh, how I adore Satchan! I wish I had a little sister like her. Lucky Tohru. Gets to hug her. If I'd hug her, she'd turn into a tiger. Oh, right. The review. Sorry. Ahem.

    This is one of the few times in which we see a Zodiac member first appear in his/her animal form (one example would be Ayame (whose name is mispronounced in the dub)). And what a cute kitty - oops, I mean tiger Kisa is!

    Like most of the episodes of Furuba, this episode has its funny moments (Satchan biting people) and its emo moments (everything else). I can handle all the emo stuff; that's stuff is to be expected in an episode of "Furuba".

    The only thing that bugs me is that in the English dub is that Satchan refers Tohru as "sissy". In the original Japanese version, she calls Tohru "onee-chan", which is how one refers to big sisters or big-sister-like people. I know "sissy" is meant to be like a playful name of the word "sister", but we all know that when someone calls you a "sissy", then it's an insult.

    "Sissy" aside, this episode made me ever so happy that I was born in the year of the Tiger!

    How many times have I said Kisa's name?
  • Introducing Kisa!

    While in the rain.Tohru and Yuki were waiting till the rain would stopped.When they found Haru running without an jacket and hiding something......which is an little tiger aka Kisa Sohma.An sohma member altough she has an problem that the students never gets along with her.Also her mother was reaching to an breaking point of forgetting her.The others must help Kisa,to speak again.Yeah and Kisa liked Tohru as an sister.
  • In this episode, a new Sohma is introduced! Kisa, year of the tiger! But the problem is she won't speak because of her life at school.

    I thought this episode was amazingly well written. Things that can actually happen and people don't realize what it can lead to. Kisa was ruined because those kids felt she was different. I loved what Yuki tells her and what he says at the very end of the episode. It's life changing! I also really liked how because he helped Kisa, he helped his own life in a really big way. He decided to go against his own fears and try change. This episode made me want to be a different person, no matter how strange that may really did.