Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 26

Let's Go Home

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 27, 2001 on

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  • This episode tells of Kyo's true form. It also showed how Tohru got permission to continue her relationship with the Sohma Family.

    I didn't like the last episode much. I mean, there weren't many emotions and the last part is really bad, considering that it only showed that Tohru had saved Kyo and had the Sohma family's trust. But what I don't understand is how she broke the family's curse and all that. I liked the middle part though, when it showed Tohru talking to Kyo in his ... monster form. This anime would have been okay if there was another episode indicating if or if not the Sohma family's curse was broken. Don't you think so? I mean, sure, I liked the way Tohru talked her way out of getting her memory erased, but what about the curse?
  • The beginning makes me sad.. Even if it has a happy ending it still can tug your heart.

    I kind of forgot what happened here, but I remember how Tohru was able to talk into Kyo.. And it ended up with Kyo hugging Tohru. That part.. thar part just was too much for me. I was watching it on the computer.. On my bed.. And I literally fell off. It was way too sad.. Showing how Tohru was able to go into Kyo's heart and to change him. The other half.. I didn't like at all. Tohru wanted to talk to Akio.. Who ended up getting really pissed off and demanding Hatori to erase her memory. She ended up knocking some sense into him, and Akio calmed down. What kind of ending is that, eh?
  • The final and last episode of Fruit Basket

    Tohru must get through to Kyo,to show that he is not alone.Even to break through the true form.She knows how it feels to be alone.She wants to share it with Kyo.Also in the end,she meets with Akito.Who was hurting her and this is the final episode of Fruit Basket.Where it leaves lots of cliffhanger for that episode.But if you want to find out more what happened than read the manga.Yeah so the anime was pretty good.I mean all the episodes are pretty good.
  • This is the conclusion to Kyo's true form and what Tohru decides she has to do.

    I cried at the end of this episode. It was beyond amazing. Tohru is really a fantastic character! Two people are changed in a mere twenty minutes! Anyways, I loved when she decides to go to Akito and how, even though Akito tries to hurt her (even have her memories erased), she sees only the good in him. Tohru still feels bad for him and wants to understand him and wants Akito to feel like he can live a life as well. It really got to me! I'm starting to cry remembering the episode! This was a great way to end the anime, though the manga still continues!
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