Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 10

Make It Clear If It's Black or White

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 06, 2001 on

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  • dont have a cow!

    well it seemed like torhu had a bit of a crush on the cow!! and i have to say he was cute! thought his "black" side was...really differnt. kyo was a bit slow when the cow mentioned torhu, ok so kyo was really slow, i dont think he caught on at all. but it was cute when the cow(i wish i remembered his name) hugged torhu! but then he told torhu that his first love was yuki.. hmm, he is really sweet though, the way he told torhu to call yuki by his real name, which i noticed that he called her honda, but i always thought she did call him by his first name, but i guess i just asumed that cuz she call kyo by his first name. but yea yuki's reaction was so funny! i also liked hana in this one, she was really funny! well i hope the cow comes back...AHA its haru...i think.
  • During the marathon race,Kyo and Yuki race each other.Tohru meets Hatsuharu,of the Sohma Members one of the member of the Zodiac family.Even to learn that Hatsuharu,can be not so nice sometime due to his splitt personality.

    This episode is awsome! Enspecially with the next Zodiac member the Ox! Which is my zodiac.Hatsuharu start to fight with Kyo.But at first Kyo refuse.But it got Hatsuharu in his bad side known as "Black Haru" yeah fight and fight.Until Yuki got sick.Haru reveals to Tohru why he appricate Yuki and when he was an child.He was mad at Yuki blaming the rat for riding the ox,making him looked stupid.Even though it seemed that Haru,has no sensed of direction.Its always best to try and not to get him in his bad side known as "Black Haru"
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