Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 10

Make It Clear If It's Black or White

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 06, 2001 on



  • Trivia

    • When Yuki wakes up after his attack and he's talking to Haru.. Haru's necklace keeps changing colors.

  • Quotes

    • Hatsuharu:"Go Away!" "Leave Me Alone!" When did you become such a little pansy, huh?
      Kyo: You know, when you go Black, you are a real bastard!
      Hatsuharu: Oh yeah? Just for that when I'm done with you... I'm gonna take your little girlfriend.
      Kyo: What the... you're gonna what?
      Hatsuharu: Oh, you know. I'm gonna do this, and a little of that, and I'm definitely going to do that!
      Kyo: (thinking) Huh? What is he.. This is the same little brat that used to get lost on the way to the bathroom if I didn't take him. And now he thinks he's some kind of I don't know what. He really is a bastard when he goes Black. Who got him all worked up, anyway? Okay, I guess that was me. So why's he gotta bring Tohru into this? What's she got to do with anything? (another angry mark appears) And what's he talking about, all this "I'll do this, I'll do that" crap?
      (Kyo looks at Tohru)
      Kyo: (thinking)Whatever it is...
      Kyo: (To Haru)You're sick!

    • Coach: Hey, if you guys aren't running then go home!

    • Yuki: Shouldn't you be at school?
      Hatsuharu: Yeah, w-well actually I left on Sunday with the intention of coming here, but I was swept away into the heart of the dark urban wilderness and it took me three days to find my way out.
      Yuki: (sighs) Why don't you just say that you got lost?
      Kyo: His sense of direction's as crappy as ever.
      Tohru: But if you're gonna get lost, that's an impressive way to do it.
      Kyo: Oh, yeah. Well, that means that he hasn't had a bath in three days. Gross!

    • Tohru: Hey Yuki. How are you feeling today?
      Yuki: Don't worry. I think I'll be able to manage. Besides, (Between Tohru and Yuki, Kyo is tying his shoes and a dark aura surrounds him as he looks evilly at Yuki.) if I don't do this that stupid cat will never let me hear the end of it.
      (Tohru shows a sweatdrop.)

    • Tohru: But we have to do something. I'll do anything.
      Haru: Okay. Maybe there is something we can do. It's lucky for me you're so cute. I mean if I'm gonna do it, it should be with someone cute, right?
      Tohru: Huh?
      (Haru laughs then hugs Tohru.)

    • (Kyo and Yuki accelerate their pace in the endurance run.)
      Kyo: Oh yeah! Eat my dust, rat boy!
      Yuki: Shut up.
      (Other students stop and pant exhaustedly.)
      Student A: What do they think this is? The hundred meter dash?
      Student B: That's just stupid.

    • Shigure: I'm out of the tub. Who's in next? Yuki?
      Yuki: I think I'll skip it for today.
      Shigure: OH! How can you stand to be so dirty?
      Yuki: (thinking) Just once I'd like to knock him through the roof.

    • Kyo: Wipe that smug little smirk off your face before I come over there and do it for ya. Yeah, you'll be sorry then, won't ya, and I'll make you say it.
      Yuki: I'm sorry.
      Kyo: Shut up! You're a real wise-ass, you know that?
      Yuki: At least I'm not the noisy idiot who's causing a scene outside the store.
      Kyo: Oh, you've done it now, girly boy! We're taking this outside!
      Yuki: We already are outside, you stupid cat.

    • (After Shigure offers to pick up Tohru's things.)
      Shigure: Well, I'm off. Take good care of Yuki while I'm gone.
      Tohru: (bowing) Okay, and thank you so much!
      Tohru: (thinking) It's so nice for him to do this. Shigure can be so selfless sometimes. He's always thinking about others.
      Shigure: (thinking and singing) High school girls! High school girls! All for me! High school girls!(giggles)

    • Haru: Come on, what's the matter? Hit me!
      Kyo: What fight are you watching?! You haven't landed a single punch yet! You hit me!
      Haru: You got it!
      Tohru: Somehow, this has turned into a fighting anime.

    • (The girls start running, but Hana quickly falls.)
      Tohru: Oh, Hana, what's the matter. You okay?
      Hana: Tohru I'm sorry. I can't run any farther. (holding Tohru's hands) I've done my best, but now I've reached the edge of my limits. Run on without me. And don't worry, I'll be right behind you the whole time…only walking.
      Tohru: Hana.
      Coach: Walk, crawl, I don't care. Just start, Ms. Hanajima.

    • Kyo: (to Tohru) What the hell were you doing? Dammit, I was winning and everything!
      Haru: If I hadn't had tripped you, you wouldn't have stopped, would you?
      Kyo: Haru?
      Haru: (looking over his left shoulder at the camera) By the way, what I just did was very dangerous. And if that had been anyone other than Kyo, they probably would have been hurt very badly so don't try this at home.
      Kyo: Don't try it here! Who are you even talking to?

  • Notes

    • The game that Hana and the others play at the end of the show is Old Maid, and Hana-chan is rumored to be a card shark, because of her luck with the cards.

    • Haru reveals that he used to be teased a great deal for his Zodiac sign, which was often called slow and stupid for letting the Rat trick him like that. He started to resent Yuki for this treatment.

    • Hatsuharu, or Haru for short, has a split personality: one side very calm and polite, with the other being much more violent and aggressive. The calm one is called White Haru, and the violent side is Black Haru. This is similar to the animal he represents in the zodiac.

    • Hatsuharu's nickname, Haru, is japanese for "spring".

  • Allusions

    • Each Sohma is called to dance on their New Year's Day. Since it's Momiji's turn (Year of the Rabbit), this puts the series at approximately 1999.

      If the Chinese Zodiac ages apply, Momiji would be 12 years old, but with those rules went out the window at episode 4. Momiji's age is revealed later.

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