Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 22

Prince Yuki Fan Club

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2001 on

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  • more about the yuki fan club

    not my favorite at all, i mean i love seeing the yuki fan club cuz they are just so ridiculous that it is funny but i guess i was just not in the mood for it. also like i said i have been reading the comics and seeing when this show ends i guess i now have it in my mind that if they were not going to do the whole seris then they should have put in the most important thing and not this! but that is my fault i knew i had wanted to finish the show before i started the manga, glad i didnt but now i am so much harder a rating the episodes. but yes it has been i while since i have acctually seen this one so i dont remember much but i remember in the comics that i thought yuki and the president of the yuki fan club would look cute together!
  • Another focus on Yuki fan club.

    Yuki decided to go onto student concuil.So Yuki fan club girls demend from the original president to know who is running aganist Yuki.I guess they wanted to know so they could make sure that they wont win and Yuki does.As usual trying to protect Yuki.So they were even trying to go into the file to find out stuff since the president wont give them any information.They had another member to go after the information.This gives us an breif explination behind Yuki's fan club even that she had an crush on Yuki of course.

    Ok Yuki fan club are annoying.Basicly this isn't my favorite storyline.This was all about Yuki fan club stuff liked that.
  • The Yuki Fan Club has decided to protect Yuki from the student council.

    I really thought this episode wasn't needed. Sure, it was funny and enjoyable but, unlike the others, I didn't want to watch it a thousand times over knowing I could still watch it more at the end of it all. It was almost a complete and total disappointment.
    They also could've made this episode just a little better. Not much though. It was well done, if it just hadn't been so...unentertaining...that's probably not the right word.
    It wasn't exactly a waste of twenty minutes, but I would've preferred to do a few other things. Over all, it was the storyline we didn't feel like that gave you a quick laugh.
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