Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 22

Prince Yuki Fan Club

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2001 on



  • Trivia

    • Prince Yuki fan club members by description
      President: Motoko Minagawa – really long hair, graduating senior in six months
      Vice President: Minami Kinoshita – Short ash blonde hair
      #1 Mio Yamagishi – brown, short hair
      #2 Mai Gotoh - black hair, curls at bottom

  • Quotes

    • (As Motoko and Rika leave to break into the student council room.)
      Minami: (thinking) This is taking it a little too far.
      Mio: (thinking) I was worried before, but this. Isn't this like, a crime or something?
      Minami and Mio: (thinking together) No, this is…this is LOVE! (big icon of the word LOVE appears) But…I'm pretty sure it's still a crime.

    • Motoko's Mom: And what is this? Another love poem? Why are you wasting all your time on these useless things? Go sell a radish or something.
      (scene cuts outside where a sign reads Minagawa Greengrocer)
      Motoko: I'm not selling any radishes!
      Motoko's Mom: I know; that's the problem. We own a vegetable store!
      Motoko: Yes, and being born here was the worst thing that ever happened to me!

    • (sub)
      Motoko: Ah Yuki! As always our destiny is like a rose bush that grows along a black gate. A sweet agony that causes my heart to…
      Motoko's mom: Shut up Motoko, you're annoying the whole neighborhood!
      Motoko: I told you to knock, didn't I?
      Motoko's mom: What kind of idiot knocks on a sliding door? Stop acting so westernized, would you?

      Motoko: Ah Yuki, it is my fate to be forever cursed and blessed by visions of your angelic face. Like a prick upon a thorn of a rose your love.
      Motoko's Mom: (sliding open door and surprising Motoko) Thorns and love, keep it down, Motoko, you're waking the neighbors!
      Motoko: Mother! Haven't you ever heard of knocking?
      Motoko's Mom: Sure. Knock, knock, knock, can I come in, Princess Loudmouth? Now ah put this silly crush of yours; go to bed!

    • Motoko: (thinking and smiling happily) Ah. The sight of that smile is like a million volts down my spine, and what's more, we both like steamed leeks. It's as though we're destined to be together!

    • Motoko: (thinking) The truth is I didn't want to see it. I didn't want to see him changed like this. I didn't want to know there's a place in his heart that I could never reach. Not when knowing hurts so much. And yet. And yet, I--

      Seeing Yuki here, smiling like this, it makes me so happy. And I never want him to stop smiling. Even though I know he's not smiling because of me, as much as it hurts to admit.

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