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    Absolutely loved the entire thing. I managed to simultaneously read the entire 23 volume manga and watch the whole 26 episode anime in just two days, and the only reason that was even possible is because I just couldn't put it down. LOVEDDDD IT!!!!! You think it's just going to be a typical lovey dovey story but it really isn't, there's so much more depth in it with so many emotions that everyone can relate to, I just wish they continued the series ((both the anime and the manga - I NEED MORE!!))
  • Season 2 riot plz

    This is a classic for me, it is one of the first animes I ever watched and it is one of the reasons for my massive addiction. I would be so happy if they made more episodes to finish the story, like I would donate to a kick starter, please someone make a kick starter for this great series.
  • Awesome

    Can't stop watching it , it just so awesome love love love it
  • Doesn't have the new look.

    This is a very interesting show and even though this was from 2001 its still very popular, but the graphics aren't all that you know.
  • The Only Dam Breaker I've Found

    Whenever I find myself stressed out and yet unable to cry it out, I pull out Fruits Basket, and if no other episodes can make me cry, the final three leave me sobbing my eyes out. It has been a god-send which has lowered my blood pressure significantly.

    Do not misconstrue however, I cry because the sentiment is so sincere - so much how life should be and how it is simultaneously - and the beauty of how they portray the human conditions through semi-episodic metaphors.

    This isn't a girl's anime as it may seem, nor is it for children. It's something that everyone can relate to and will feel endeared towards. Brilliance!
  • Superb Characters

    This anime won my heart over completely in its one season. The characters are developed superbly and the plot is just perfect. This is what an anime should strive to exemplify - I do feel like my empathy as a person grew just by watching this show. Highly recommended!
  • Season 2?

    Does anybody know if there is going to be a season 2 for Fruits Basket?
  • Good, but not as good as the manga

    Fruits Basket still remains one of my all time favorite mangas. The characters were fun, the story was interesting, and the artwork was unique. Then we get to the anime. I'll start off with the technical aspects. The animation is decent--you don't need too much money to make a series based mainly on comedy--and the sub is good. Despite some mispronunciations like Ka-GOO-ra, the voice acting was good.) I especially love Tohru's actress--Laura Bailey--and the fact that they actually got Christopher freakin' Sabat! Now lets get to the anime's greatest flaw, the ending. From this point on there will be spoilers, so if you haven't read the manga, I'd recommend you stop reading this review right now. In volume seventeen of the manga, it's revealed that Akito is, in fact, female--earlier in the series we learn that she's also God. In the anime, Akito is supposed to be dying. I HATE what they did here. For starters, if Akito was a man from the very beginning, it would be hard to do the Myth arc, if the creators ever make another series(which they aren't, but just an afterthought.) Second of all, this is supposed to be based off the myth of the Zodiac, which is said by Tohru's mother in a flashback to be controlled by God. So if Akito isn't God and is only sickly, then who is the God supposed to be. Despite all the problems the creators of the anime would face if they decided to continue, Fruits Basket is a great anime on its own, and should rank up there with shoujo classics like Sailor Moon and Ouran Host Club(even though OHSHC came out after Furuba.)
  • I think this is one of the best animes shows ever made by man.

    I really love this show. Personally, I think this is a very funny, and heartwarming anime. This show is about Tohru Honda, a beautiful, happy high school girl who lived in a tent alone. One day, a landslide destroys Tohru's tent, and she has nowhere to live. She is invited to stay the night at the Sohma's house the night her tent was gone. Yuki, Shigure, and Kyo are the three Sohmas living in this house. The next day, Tohru does some of the cleaning in the house, and Yuki and Shigure were so impressed that they allow Tohru to live with them. Tohru is an awesome cook! and she cares alot for the Sohma's. With Tohru living with Yuki and the others, their many wacky, and fun adventures begin. The dialog is just awesome! I like the reflective moments that happen, they just make you smile. The humor in this show is just hilarious! Most of the scenes are very funny. The thing I really like the most in this show are the characters. The characters are just really, really cute, and have great voices. I will never forget them. Overall, really cute, memorable characters, awesome dialog, hilarious humor, and good music. I would recommend this show to well....anyone!
  • I LOVE BUNNIES! Momiji is so awesom! I also LOVE KITTIES! Kyo is sooo cute!

    You know its so hard trying to guess if Tohru is going to go with Yuki OR with Kyo it gives me a head ache and its so hard waiting for each volume in the manga I Wanna Know what happens next! and the anime is a bit different from the manga but its still really good and waitting with the anime is no help at all, makes me go nuts I want to know what happens. The re-runs are so helpful when I want to know what's next! I was being sarcastic. Every member of the zodiac are cool I likem all I also like Tohru's friends Saki and Arisa they're both cool and deadly but cool love love.
  • this is the best show i ever watched, i also think this is a kind of old show... but who cares its the best. I like the japanese version better than the english version.

    yeah, i'v seen all of the episodes but i think they should have more than 26 episodes. Sadly she didn't break the curse, but what really got me thinking is if she liked kyo or yuki better than the other..... umm.... oh well doesn't matter. well yeah i think the japanese version is much better than the english, i didn't know some times the english version is would change alot of words in each episode i guess they didn't accually know what they were saying (lol). well i give this show a 10/10.
  • One of the best anime shows ever!

    This show, following a girl named Tohru, finding out a secret of the Sohma family after they take her in (after her mom passed away in a car accident). The secret: whenever they are under a great deal of stress or are hugged by someone of the opposite gender, they transform into an animal of the Chinese Zodiac (12 animals plus the cat from the legend). As she goes through high school with Yuki Sohma (the rat), Shigure Sohma (the dog), Kyo Sohma (the cat), and the rest of the family, she discovers more about the Sohma's family and of friendship. This is a great show that can be funny and serious all at once. It makes me laugh and cry, and seeing these lively characters go through everyday life, through hardships and tears.
  • Perhaps a bit too emotional

    I heard of the show... in name only... eventually I looked into it a little bit and it sounded mildly interesting. Anyhow, after watching the first episode I found this to be a good show. It was entertaining to the end with good humour and it was all quite emotional. I have nothing wrong with it being emotional, but I found it pretty lame how every guy and his neighbour was so open about their emotions. I mean, reality check? These are guys, and society tells guys to bottle up emotions, not openly tell people how you feel. Ayame was absolutely hilarious, Shigure was really funny too. The humour made up for the over-emotional display. Good show overall, worth watching.
  • I've read the manga, and the anime is almost as good. A great comedy with well developed characters…

    Tohru Honda spends her nights sleeping in a tent on some vacant block. This is due to her mother has just passed away and family circumstances has forced her to stay at someone elses. She doesn't want to bother her friends so decides to rough it and live in the tent until she can return home, however she doesn't tell her two best friends Arisa Uotani and Saki Hanajima as she doesn't want to worry them. One day Yuki and Shigure Sohma stumble across Tohru in her tent which coincidently is on their block of land. They offer a helping hand and offer shelter until she can return back home. However one day she stumbles upon the Sohma families' hidden secret: when they are hugged by the opposite sex who isn't one of the Chinese Zodiac they turn into the zodiac animals themselves. This series, has a unique story line that is interesting and funny, which no matter how many times I see I still laugh! I love Fruits Basket it is totally awesome. To go along with this original story line is the characters. I think the characters make the series, and make the show sooo much better. Each of the characters have been carefully thought of and portrayed with scars from their past, which influence who they are today, with the range of different personalities… such as Aya to Tohru to Hanajima to Kyo to Rin etc. The characters are hilarious, intriguing and totally awesome.

    A must watched anime show even if you're like me and hate romance because it's just so funny!
  • I'm more of a shounen girl [oxymorons are funny!] but Fruits Basket is an exception.

    Fruits Basket follows the adventures of Tohru Honda and the Sohma family. This anime is extremely good, and I find it one of the better anime adaptations of a manga. When I was browsing for new titles, Fruits Basket was one of the first ones I picked up. The characters are interesting [and hot x3,] the plot is original and gets your interest going, and there is humor and romance packed into it. What more could you want?? True, this anime isn't as much of an action anime as shounen [aimed at boys] anime, but it's got a very good amount of everything else.
  • i love this series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    like everyone else this is a very interesting series. i read the manga and i can't get it out of my head something that will never happen but you wish it would. i wish it could kept on going but it has to stop someday and it stinks that it ends right now. i would think this would turn into a good t.v series i will have it as one of my really favorite manga. it is so intense you want to know who she goes with so romantic and i like reading so as my friend too, we both like it but she is way behind so only in book 7 and she started reading this series before me which is real stupid
  • A anime about a family cursed by the chinese zodiac. They turn into one of the animals when hugged by the opposite sex or upset.

    Fruits Basket is one of my favorite manga and anime series. The story is pretty straight forward. The big surprise of the show is the unexpected depth and growth of the characters, even the side characters. Though often funny, it is a fairly dark story. The sad bits are worth it, however. The writing and music are excellent, at least they are in Japanese with english subtitles which is how I always watch it. I would highly recommend the show for people just starting to watch anime as it is a fairly gentle and fun introduction to the genre.
  • Tohru honda was a youge girl and her mother was in a car accident and did not survive who will she live now there was an agument with the family, and her grandfather ends up taking her in

    Fruits bassket is about a girl named Tohru Honda whose mum dies. Tohru was going to live with her grandpa, but did not want to burden him, so she gets her things and starts living in a forest. At night it had a landside and she was on the propity of the sohma family. The yuki Sohma goes to tohru's high school so he and shugire and yuki let tohru stay at their house. When she had her first proper sleep. When she wakes up, She was talking to yuki when a boy at the age of 16 jumps through the window. When tohru goes and runs at him she slips on kyo [ the person who jump through the window ]and he transforms into a cat. When tohru galms down she gets told that the sohma family has a cures and when ever they get hugged by the opposite sex, that does not have the curse. Yuki and Kyo had a fight and kyo gets kicked out into the garden.
  • After Tohru's mother died in a car accident, she bought a tent and decides to live in the doors so she doesn't burden anyone. When she's invited to stay in the home of a few mysterious boys after her tent is destroyed... things get weird...

    The show centers around a girl named Tohru who is really optimistic, and always cheerful. She's been through a lot of hard times, especially after her mother dies in a car crash and she's left to live by herself in the woods in a tent so she doesn't bother anyone. But after a mysterious landslide destroys the tent, she moves into a house owned by a few boys as their house keeper. But later, as it turns out, that the boys aren't what they seem. They turn into the animals of the Chinese Zodiac when hugged by the opposite sex!

    Even though the animation could be better, this is a really enjoyable show. The English dub is ok as well. It's one of the only dubs I actually like. Fans of the manga will love this show! It has action, drama, and some comedy that will keep you watching. Fruits Basket is a great choice for someone just starting to watch anime.
  • Tohru used to live in a tent until a landslide destroyed it. She was invited to live with one of her classmates named Yuki Sohma and his relatives Shigure and later on Kyo.

    By living with them she finds out they, and the the rest of the Sohmas, have a terrible curse. If they hug someone of the opposite sex they transform to an animal from the zodiac, which is a big problem.

    The more Tohru stays in the Sohma house, the more she learns about them and the more people she meets. Ever since Tohru arrived, the Sohmas will never be the same again. This series is one of the best animes I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot). Its hilarious and heartwarming. Its one of the only animes that are extremely funny and still has a lot of sadness. Trust me you'll wanna keep watching 'till the end. (Its sad that the series ended but the story keeps turning in the manga)
  • I loved watching this show.

    Tohry Honda has been living in a tent ever since her mother passed away. One day while walking to school, she stumbled across her classmate Yuki Sohma's house. Yuki is nice ebough, but what is the mysterious aura lurking around him and his family? Fruits Basket has to be the best anime I have ever seen. It has all the right elements: a balanced out variety of humor; enough romance to make you squeal in fangirl(or boy)ish delight; a touch of fantasy to make things interesting; etc. It's not very graphic or dirty, but at the same time it's not obnoxiously squeaky-clean. Fruits Basket has a good plot, and while some of the episodes in the middle don't seem to advance the plot much, thy do what any good filler does: entertain. Especially good is the bone-chilling finale. The end of episode 25 was so sad that it even made me tear up. Overall, this is a must-see anime!
  • Something is to be said for a show that can pull off being hilarious and adorable yet tragic at the same time.

    Tohru Honda, she is the epidemy of selflessness. She goes out of her way to be kind and helpful to anyone and everyone around her. She never does anything for herself and is constantly thinking about others. She had lost her mother in a car accident. Her mother was the entire world to her, but she never let anyone know how much she suffered. Not wanting to trouble anyone else she decides to live out in the woods in a tent because she now had no where to live. One day while on the way to school she came across a house and on the front porch were little figures of animals from the Chinese Zodiac. As she was looking at them Shigure the man who lives in the house comes and talks to her and Tohru soon finds out that she is camped out on their property. Once they hear about her conditions they graciously invite her to live with them. Cooking and cleaning in exchange for a room. Shigure is the adult of the house, and his nephews Kyo and Yuki are both Tohru's age. Yuki is quiet, polite, and shy. However, he is the most popular guy in school. Kyo is short tempered and tends to be rude even though his intentions are good. He mostly keeps to himself but absolutely hates Yuki and they are constantly fighting. Shortly after Tohru moves in, during an unlikely rather chaotic chain of events she finds out that Shigure, Yuki, and Kyo are all animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Shigure the dog, Yuki the rat, and kyo the cat. The Sohma family is a family where everyone is an animal of the Zodiac. They are normal humans until someone of the opposite gender hugs them and they turn into their animal. Tohru has to keep this a secret though. She is the only one who knows about the secret of the Sohma family. So the show proceeds to tell about Tohru's chaotic yet wonderful time living at the Sohma house. She meets other Sohmas and changes them all in a touching way. This show is so sweet. It is very heartfelt and has some really great comedy at the same time. It has some romantic twists and scenes that will make you cry. It's a show you can't help but love. It is so touching how selfless Tohru is even though she has been through so much. It is a very uplifting show and it makes you want to be a better person. It really changes you and makes you realize what real genuine kindness is. I absolutely love this show and I think more people should watch it because it is truly great. I mean sure I love violent fighting shows just as much as anyone but this anime has the potential to change the life of every single person who watches it. Natsuki Takaya really used her writing skill in a great way to send an amazing message to everyone who watches her anime or reads her manga.
  • Tohry Honda has been living in a tent ever since her mother passed away. One day while walking to school, she stumbled across her classmate Yuki Sohma's house. Yuki is nice ebough, but what is the mysterious aura lurking around him and his family?

    Fruits Basket has to be the best anime I have ever seen. It has all the right elements: a balanced out variety of humor; enough romance to make you squeal in fangirl(or boy)ish delight; a touch of fantasy to make things interesting; etc. It's not very graphic or dirty, but at the same time it's not obnoxiously squeaky-clean. Fruits Basket has a good plot, and while some of the episodes in the middle don't seem to advance the plot much, thy do what any good filler does: entertain. Especially good is the bone-chilling finale. The end of episode 25 was so sad that it even made me tear up. Overall, this is a must-see anime!
  • Fruits Basket is a really cute anime, with people turning into animals, a ditzy high-schooler, and lots of boys revolving around her. But...

    Fruits Basket was really cute, how animals are people and all that jazz. But I was really disappointed, because I read the manga before watching the anime, and as you can guess, the 20+ volumes of Fruits Basket manga made me absolutely satisfied, which, did not happen when I finished watching the anime.

    I wish Fruits Basket would continue and go for a second season, but I guess that won't happen. Also, forgive me for saying, but the first episode, the drawings were quite abnormal. Tohru's face in the beginning is completely triangular-ish, and not really even anime-like!

    I'm sorry to say this, but that's why I gave it an 8.3
  • An abnormally compassionate girl, Tohru, lives in a tent with a picture of her dead mother. One day, she discovers a house near her camping grounds and finds out a classmate of hers lives there and about 4 other guys as well who hold one heck of a secret.

    Fruits basket is a cute show with extremely well developed characters. It includes laughs and aws in every episode, and of course, is a must-see chick flick. However, while the animation may run smooth, it isn't very pleasing to the eye. The colors are bland and flat, which makes it hard for me to watch. While the story-line carried over from the manga is good, the anime runs short and leaves out a lot of details. I personally can't stand the english dub, but i prefer the japanese dub. Animes are always fun to watch, but overall, I definitely recommend reading the manga instead.
  • Story of a young girl who is bound by her unrelenting kindness and caring who helps a family with a curse learn to be happy with what they have.

    This story moved me, this is one of those shows you MUST watch or at least try watch. Has great comedy, drama, and a storyline that warms the heart and characters that make you smile. Tohru is just one of those characters that you can't help but love, she always has a smile on her face and always knows what to say to make people happy. Even the secondary characters fit the story perfect, and even though there are some sad parts, something about Tohru just makes you feel like everything will be alright. I would suggest this show to anyone who loves a good drama with a happy ending.
  • a girl who has lost almost everything is taken in by a family with an unusually gift.the sumas turn into animals of chinese zoniac when they r huged by the opposite sex.she is always smileing never wanting to b a burdon but she is the only one w/ the cure

    i really like this show. it inspires me to be a better person if that doesnt sound too corny. but i wen i first saw the cover of the book i wasnt too interest but then i read the first page and i was HOOKED. then i started getting into the videos about them and i love them too!! i love the characters and just the whole sceme of it all! whenever i read the book or watch a video i feel the pain and love of all the characters. and i want to keep reading to find out wat happens between the Hohru and kyo and yuki. and how she helps them with their curse. she just inspires me!
  • Torhu, an absolute paragon of feminine inocence and optimism, encounters a strange, cursed family. Her love, compassion, and understanding shake up this family. Kyo the cat and Yuki the mouse seek to understand how profoundly their lives have changed

    Wow. This is a deeply touching story. Strangely enough, I am reminded of Jane Austin's Sense and Sensibility, with Kyo playing the part of Miss MaryAnn and Yuki playing the part of Miss Dashwood. Kyo and Yuki are cat and mouse, as different in personality, sentiment, and emotion as can be, although both are drawn together by their growing love and affection for Tohru. In many ways, this is a deeply tragic story...perhas that is why, in part, I was so drawn to it. But then, perhapse, tragic isn't quite the word. If there is a moral to this story, it is that love can heal wounds... even very deep wounds. And if love is the vessal, then compassion and understanding are the driving force. Torhu is completely indomitable, her spirit, her very being, cannot be suppressed or diverted. In this sense, I had a very spiritual interpitation...although I am not sure if the writer specifically intended that. Tohru endures tragic loss after loss, and as she is drawn into this cursed family she encounts so many other people who have shared grief and tregedy, and yet not only does she endure the pain, she is able to help others endure their own pain as well. Tohru is nothing short of inspirational to everybody she encounters. She has a strength of character that draws people in, making them stronger and more resilient for having know her. I think the subtext is simple, yet eligant: one can endure loss and be stronger for it and be it love, passion, or compassion, we can share that feeling with others; the world is a better place with a touch of love. The storyline was intellegent, well written, insightful without losing any emotion. The dialogue was fantastic. The characters for the most part were at least two dimentional, with several - Tohru, Yuki, Hitori, and Momiji - being three dimensional. If I have a critique, it is that the animation was very poor and uninspiring. But the character development, the plot and subplots, and the dialogue more than make up for that. Usually, when I read compare a manga and anime, I usually prefer the manga. Fruits Basket is an exception; I thought the manga was pretty bad and I gave up on it before making it halfway through; however, in this case, I thought the anime was fantastic.

    This anime is by far my favorite. I find the base plot of it so interesting, especially how the author was able to turn such a simple concept into such an elaborate story. I fell in love with this series after noticing its humor, and was only further drawn in by the character of Kyo Sohma. Though serious in some parts, many scenes of this show made me cry from laughter, and closer to the end, cry from sorrow (especially at the finale since I never wanted it to end). The dub version is especially good, as it almost exactly follows the manga, and sometimes even phrases parts in ways to make them funnier than in the manga. Every character is absolutely unique and has some attractive quality to them, and the chemistry of the characters Takayo created is flawless, with insight provided for each character.

    In short, as I could continue on about this anime for hours, this is a wonderful anime for anyone looking for an interesting story and background, woven in with romance and comedy.
  • a nice anime

    This anime follows the story of Tohru Honda who is a high school student who recently lost her mother due to a car accident.After this tragic event she goes to live with her Grandfather but shortly after he needs to get some remodeling on his house done so Tohru decides to live in a tent in the woods.One day when she was walking to school she spots a house near her tent it is the Sohma's house.Once the Sohma's find out that she has been living in a tent they invite her to live in their house.Soon Tohru discovers the Sohma family's secret which is that they live with a curse that causes them to turn into animals of the Chinese Zodiac when they are under stress or are hugged by a member of the opposite sex. this is a good anime even in english dub! the songs are great too.
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