Fruits Basket

(ended 2001)





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  • Tohry Honda has been living in a tent ever since her mother passed away. One day while walking to school, she stumbled across her classmate Yuki Sohma's house. Yuki is nice ebough, but what is the mysterious aura lurking around him and his family?

    Fruits Basket has to be the best anime I have ever seen. It has all the right elements: a balanced out variety of humor; enough romance to make you squeal in fangirl(or boy)ish delight; a touch of fantasy to make things interesting; etc. It's not very graphic or dirty, but at the same time it's not obnoxiously squeaky-clean. Fruits Basket has a good plot, and while some of the episodes in the middle don't seem to advance the plot much, thy do what any good filler does: entertain. Especially good is the bone-chilling finale. The end of episode 25 was so sad that it even made me tear up. Overall, this is a must-see anime!