Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 21

Sophist Boy Has Captured The Prince

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 22, 2001 on

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  • we meet the sheep

    ok so hiro(i think) was extremly annoying! i have no idea why torhu didnt slap him in the face! i know i would have... ok no i wouldnt have but i would have yelled at him alot! so even though he was way annoying i still liked the episode cuz i like meeting new memebers of the zodiac and cuz it had some cute parts in it. like when torhu told kisa she loved her and shigure was all like 'and it shows!' it was so funny best part. i also thought that it was sweet that hiro liked kisa, that was really sweet though he sucks at showing her that he likes her but i think she got it by the end. i feel bad for him to cuz he liked kisa and akito hit her cuz he liked her. man what an A** i hope that someday some one finnally just tells akito to shove it! but you know not as nicly as i put it.
  • This episode was all right, but it annoyed me for two reasons.

    Basically, Tohru meets the sheep of the zodiac. Now, Hiro is the first reason i didn't like this episode that much. He reminded me a bit of my brother: he too has much to say, but it's usually not too smart. Maybe Hiro had good arguments, but the one that annoyed me most was when he asked Kyo if he was the one paying bills. That didn't really make much sense, seeing that Hiro didn't even LIVE in Shigure's house and bossed everyone around. The second thing that annoyed me, possibly even more than Hiro, was Tohru. Has that girl got no backbone? She lets everyone boss her around, even a twelve year old kid. The thing I liked the most about this episode was Kisa. She was just so cute! She and Shigure made the episode enjoyable.
  • Basically, Tohru-kun, as high school student that has found out the family secret of Sohma and the family, meets a new family member, who ends up being the spirit of the sheep.

    The episode was only ok. It wasn't like the rest, very different. I couldn't quite make out the Hori charcter. He seemed like a person who loved to confuse others but had a great compassion for one person. He really confused me. I am myself, as child born in the year of the sheep (1991) but his personality seemed exactly different of what I am like. There were very few thing that I had in common with this guy, but whatever. That is beside the point. The storyline of this one was very difficult to understand, but I sat thorugh and watched it all. I love the show and have been hooked on it but it is all so confusing. I can't wait to watch the other episodes. Well, I've g2g.

    Summary: Wasn't the best, could have been better. But it was enjoying to see what the year of the sheep child was like.