Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 14

The Adult's Episode - Ayame's a Messed Up Snake!

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2001 on

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  • Enter the Snake. Ayame Sohma is Yuki's older brother, but he certainly doesn't ACT like it. But he's still pretty funny!

    An episode that is funny and touching at the same time. In an earlier episode, it is implied that Yuki was abused by Akito as a child. One day, he encountered his older brother Ayame. Yuki reached out to him in hopes of receiving help. But Ayame only pulled his arm away. Now older, Ayame feels guilty for his treatment of Yuki in their childhood and hopes to make amends by being an older brother now. However, that incident planted a seed of hatred in Yuki's heart. Now, there is a gap between them. And the fact that their personalities are so completely different doesn't exactly help. Still, Tohru gives Ayame some words of encouragement (coming from her mother, as always). Tohru's Lesson of the Episode: Never forget how you felt as a child. That way, when you have children of your own, even if you don't always agree, you can still meet each other half-way and understand each other a little better.
  • yuki has a brother!

    well the snake was... different! and loud, was he like really just dumb? or something? no wonder yuki doesnt know what he thinks, he was so weird. but i dont agree with yuki being mean to him, he seemed nice enouph, even though he was a little out there. well the puppy was cute as a young person. i liked seeing every one the rabbit the ox the dragon. it was all very nice. jeez i wish i could respect some one cuz they have something i dont, not that i dont not respect them, im just not like that though. i liked torhu's little story, her mom was very smart. this show just shows me how i am not the best person, but i try!
  • Tohru meets Ayame Yuki's older brother.

    While growing some vegetable.Tohru finds clothes laying on the ground.When an snake came toward her.Which freaked her out of course.While the snake sleep.Yuki wanted to get rid of the snake of course.But when she hears the snake talking.Which conclude one of the Zodiac member awaking.Which reveals that Ayame is Yuki's older brother.He reveals to Tohru that he and Yuki grew apart that is why they never talked to each other for an long time.So now Ayame is trying to bring their brotherly relationship.

    Yeah Ayame is an funny character.He is always funny.He is so funny.I really enjoy it.
  • Ayame is f'n awsome!

    Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun du dunnnnnnn dun.Here is Ayame!I kinda see why Yuki is anoyed by him.He can be a pain in the rear end. But I'm happy he dosn't completly hate him.(look in manga) He can't be any bit serious. Thats what I love about him. He so goofy. Him and Shigure just go together. How did poor Hatori live with those two. I think only Torhu and Shigure can put up with him. Poor Kyo! Ayame gets on Kyo's last nerves. In this eppisode we get to see Yuki when he is younger. He is soooo cute when he is little!Yep,Ayame is awsome.End of review