Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 2

The Sohma Curse

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jul 12, 2001 on

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  • So nice :)

    This episode was really neat! Yuki's secret was revealed, and Tohru reacted just as basically anyone would have done; panic! However, she didn't care that much after she got it explained, which I would say was strange for mostly any person but her.
    Yeah, and Yuki seriously owns, if that wasn't already a clear fact. Hey, he defeated Kyou like nothing, and that's pretty cool.
    In addition, Kyou is going to attend the school Tohru and Yuki goes to as well, which was pretty funny, because he got too much attention. I almost thought he would transform into a cat again, but that did not happen.
    Tohru is one arse-kicking householder by the way; I don't think anyone I know would be able to do that job. Ah, this anime series is really marvellous and cute, and I can't wait for more!
  • Tohru has no idea that her view on the Sohmas is about to change completey.

    Tohru has no idea about Yuki, Shigure, and Kyo, or the curse. But when they turn into their animal forms, they tell her about the family curse. Whenever a member of the oposite sex hugs a member of the Sohma family that is cursed, they change into their animal on the Chinese Zodiac. Later on, Yuki informs Tohru that her memory may end up being erased because she should not know the family secret. However, when they get back home, Shigure tells them that Akito (the head of the family) has decided that Tohru can stay as long as she doesn't tell a single soul the family's secret.
  • they are the zodiac!

    what a good episode! i really dislike yuki, to girl like! and i really like kyo, cats rock!!!! but yes it was very funny when they turned back to normal. i didnt like it when yuki beat up kyo, but it was stupid of kyo to break the table, he really has an anger managment problem. also if i was hit in the head with a table i would have fallen back some. but at least kyo tried to apologize you could tell it was hard for him. yuki turning at school was funny but i like how tohru acted ok about her memory being erased, i would have been pissed. yay the kitty is going to live with them now!! im so glad, but i feel really bad for him, hes not good with school and stuff but hopfully he will soften up!
  • Tohru finds out the truth about Yuki,Kyo and Shigure.

    From the last scene.We seen Tohru accidently knocking Kyo.Which made him turned into an cat.Than Shigure to an dog and Yuki to an rat.Which got Tohru confused yet wondered if it all was an dream.Altough it wasn't an dream when they started talking.Than Shigure explained to Tohru about the curse and all.But it didn't seemed to surprise Tohru.She was alright with this so it seems.

    Yeah pretty good episode.Yet funny as well.When the mailman comes or the delivery person whatever.He thinks that the dog is smart.

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