Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 19

The Source Of Cheer Can Be Affected By Colds, Too!

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 08, 2001 on

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  • my least favorite, but it was rated so high i would have felt bad if i was the one to lower it.

    maybe it is cuz i have started to read the comics, they are way better, or perhaps it is because i usually dont watch it in english (unfortunatlly the place i used to watch it at no longer has it). or it could be cuz it just wasnt as good but i do think it is because i saw it in english, the english vocies just arnt as good, but i will have to be getting used to them cuz they are all i can watch now. any way lets talk about the episode, kyo cooking for her was really sweet, though him freaking out that much about having to cook leeks was so dumb, its not like he had to eat them. yuki annoyed me in this one alot getting mad at kyo for taking his leeks, normally i wouldnt have minded if he got mad, but seeing how yuki also likes torhu you would think he would be glad that kyo made something for her so she could get better, but whatever.
  • Tohru Honda receives an cold.After failing on an test.Even though she didn't study hard.Kyo tries to be the nurse and tries to take care of her and her sickness.

    When Tohru finds out that she fails in an test.This got her upset.While walking home with Kyo,she ends up sick very sick.Which was an cold.She accidently falls on Kyo.Which forced him to turned into an cat.He discovered that she has an fever.Poor Tohru in bed to rest from the sickness.She has worried friends liked Kisa and Momiji was worried for her.It was pretty funny when Kyo was reading the book on how to cure Tohru colds.When he reads it says "Leaks" that got him freak out of course.He kept on looking through books and it mention leeks.So he gave in and did leeks soup.But he stole the leeks from Yuki and Tohru garden! It was funny when Shigure was teasing him.When he finds Kyo making leek soup.Yes Kyo kicking down door after door.