Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 18

The Strongest Tag - The Cursed Electric Wave Brother and Sister

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 01, 2001 on

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  • the fan club tries to bring down torhu

    i loved this episode! it was new it was different and i just love hanajima! she is so freaky, its great! and it wasnt all about torhu. not that i dont love her, but it was nice seeing another persons side of the story. and what an exelent way to do it to! i've been wondering what had happened to the crazy yuki fan girls. how crazy they all were, calling torhu a witch and hanajima the devil, not to mention their wack obsession with yuki! i dont know how he tolorates them! oh man it made me laugh the times when they were filming hanajima and the camera would turn off! so funny! and i absolutly loved her little brother!!! he is just like hanajima but with curses! and i loved the feel of the whole thing when he said all their names! man what a great episode! but it wasnt all fun and games, like most fruits basket episodes it did have a sweet part. hanajima's weakness is torhu, which i had already guessed, but it was sad how she misses torhu, i was really glad that torhu left work for her. it really was a great episode, touching funny and different. ha i wonder if they will get cursed!
  • Yuki fan club are not going to let Tohru hang around with their Yuki.But in order to do that they must find the weakness of the electric girl aka Saki.By going to her house to find out the truth.

    This episode is very funny.These girls decided that in order to get rid of Tohru.First thing first they must find the weakness of Saki and used aganist her.Yea it seemed that these girls are out for blood and if anyone near Yuki.They would do anything to hunt down for anyone who messes with their Yuki.The fan club thinks that Saki's house,was some sort of witch tower.Except finding that it was just an normal house.While searching through her things.They meet Saki's little brother.When later they find out he also put curses on people by knowing their name.Saki knew what they wanted.But yay for Saki! She told them off and told them good! If they supported Yuki.Than they should let him have some friendship.Go Saki's brother who gave them the curse.Which totally freak them out! Yeah Prince Yuki fan club isn't really my favorite characters.But this episode defninitly deserve 10 plus!
  • The Prince Yuki fan club is out for Tohru\'s blood, but the only way to get to Tohru is to get past Saki-chan! In lieu of this, they go on a mission to discover Saki\'s weakness. Hilarity ensues.

    For an episode that contains no real plot developemen except perhaps for the intro of Saki\'s brother and a glimpse at her house, this has to be one of the best.

    Any rabid Yuki fangirl can appreciate the various pieces of Yuki collectables displayed in the fan club room.

    It is also clear that the producers had fun with this episode. Because it does very little for the overall plot, they were able to mess around with camera angles. Sometimes it was normal, but other angles are funny simply because of the angle you are viewing it from.

    Overall, I give this episode a 10 out of 10 simply because I laughed harder than I ever had at Fruits Basket episode while watching this.