Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 15

There Are No Memories It's OK to Forget

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2001 on

Episode Recap

It's May 1st, the first anniversary of Kyoko Honda's death. As Tohru tells the Sohmas, Yuki offers to come. Shigure volunteers Kyo as well, but he doesn't answer immediately.

Uo and Hana talk about the anniversary and think about Tohru's mom. It's been a year already, and they are amazed at how Tohru's holding up. Kyo, after hanging out on the roof, decides to come and announces it to Yuki.

At the temple, Kyo and Yuki go with Tohru to pay respects. Yuki remarks on how nice a day it is. Then Uo and Hana arrive. Uo is wearing a trench coat (battle coat in the Japanese version). Hana wears a black dress with a veil. Uo remarks that her coat is the Red Butterfly jacket that Tohru's mom wore back when she was in a gang. Kyo and Yuki are stunned. Tohru notes that her grandfather already visited earlier because the gravesite was tidied up. As Tohru says hello to mom, Yuki speculates on how Tohru can still smile through all the tragedy she's been through. He thinks back on the time when Tohru was called out of class; he barely knew her back then.

Tohru declares it's time, and a blanket is spread out and a large pile of food is placed at the center. They're going to have a picnic party for Kyoko. The tradition surprises Kyo and Yuki. Uo also shares briefly how Kyoko was like an idol to her: a wild girl and a legendary biker chick.

Later on as they wave goodbye, Hana remarks to Uo how she admires Tohru's strength and continued determination to smile. She tries so hard. Uo says it's because of those two guys and that they belong together. Hana still senses some dark cloud around the guys; the guys will have to resolve that cloud of deep hatred in order to relate to Tohru better. At some point one of the guys will fall in love with their sweet innocent Tohru. They speculate on their little Tohru getting married! Meanwhile, Tohru tells her mom not to worry about her anymore.

At school, Momiji is playing cops and robbers with his classmates. Uo and Hana remark on how Momiji looks like a girl and must get his looks from his mom, and similarly girls get their looks from their dads. Tohru's kind of like her dad. Tohru thinks about Momiji's parents.

At work, Tohru finds Momiji there. Momiji mentions that his dad works here too when a man comes by and tells Momiji the president is looking for him. Momiji tells him, "OK, tell dad I'll be there". Tohru is confused, so Momiji shows her a placard on the wall: "Sohma Building, Floor 12". Whoa! Momiji's dad owns the very buildings she works in. Momiji pulls out some pictures of his dad, his mom (who looks like Momiji), and also a little sister. But he says that mom doesn't know who he is. Then sure enough his mom and sister show up, and they treat him as a random kid and not family, and then go off to see Momiji's dad. Tohru wonders why. Momiji answers that it's because his mom had her memory erased.

Momiji shares the sad story of how mom fell in love and married dad, but when Momiji was born he transformed. Mothers react in two different ways: either by being overly protective, or reject them completely. In Momiji's case, his mom could not handle it and rejected him and got really depressed. Momiji's dad said that if she had her memories erased, she would get better. So they went ahead and did that. She got better but to keep that up Momiji had to hide his identity and not be part of that family. Tohru finds the story so sad that she cries and gives Momiji a big hug!

Momiji concludes he wants to carry all his memories, and wants to keep them all no matter how bad they are. Tohru completely agrees; she will hold on to her memories too!

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