Fruits Basket

Season 1 Episode 15

There Are No Memories It's OK to Forget

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2001 on

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  • Honda Tohru learns about Momiji and his mother...this episode almost made me cry!

    This was probably the most SAD episode I have ever seen in any show...I alsmost started to cry! The only reason I didn\'t was because I don\'t cry at shows or movies, no matter how much I want to!
    Momiji, when he was born, was hugged by his mother. The minute she hugged him, he turned into a rabbit.
    His mother was so frigtend by this, she hated him. Every day she would cry. Poor Momiji!! His dad asked him if it was okay if he earased her memory.
    Momiji was so sad...but he knew it was only the best for her.
    His dad asked Momiji\'s mom: \"Are you sure you want to forget? It will be a big regret, the biggest regret ever, and you won\'t even remember it.\"
    And here is what amde this episode so sad, his mother replied:
    \"The biggest regret I will ever giving birth to that creature!\"
    I isntantly choked up. What am terrible mother!!!!!!!!
    She had another \"normal\" child, and never knew she gave birth to a son.
    Momiji...he never told her. His mother dosen\'t know he exisits.

    The saddest episode in a show I have ever seen.
    I give this a ten. Make this into a movie, I say!!!
    10!!! 10 out of 10!!!