The Fugitive

CBS (ended 2001)


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  • No doubt this show captured the american audiance to now end. There was never a day following the show that people were not talking about it the next day. It was clean and written extremely well. We need more of this type of tv today.

    One day they will look back on this show as one of the classic tv shows ever. Anyone who watched it just once was addicted and locked on it like a magnet to steel. This show taught us we didn\'t need the sex and the violence that todays shows subject us to. David and the other cast members took ever \"take\" so serious. It was always a moving drama with no \"dead air\". Watch any of the episodes and then watch anything today on TV. It\'s no contest. Call me old fashion, it\'s a label I will proudly accept if it means to preserve the type of TV that had universal appeal.