The Fugitive

CBS (ended 2001)


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  • The 21st century incarnation of the 1960's classic and 1990's movie. Dr. Richard Kimble is accused of murdering his wife, but knew it was the work of a one-armed man. On his way to prison, there is a crash and he flees the scene and is on the run.

    At times this show was great, and others it was good. I really wished this show made it, as I wished to see how it would all end. Unfortunately they put it on Friday night, when people hit the bars after work and I am guessing that is what killed ratings.

    The show was intense at times, a little too intense. I also think that killed it as they put all their efforts into some shows and exhausted all of their future ideas, leaving for an uneven flow of action from episode to episode (rmember the first season of Family Guy? Seemed like all the material was used up in the first four episodes and the show was just "okay" after that).