The Fugitive

Season 1 Episode 22

Thanatos (2)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 25, 2001 on CBS

Episode Recap

A re-cap from the previous episode, Kimble enters the bathroom of the strip club in Las Cruces, injecting the One-armed man with the lethal injection then handcuffs the two together. He escorts him out of the club holding the One-armed man's gun and waving the pawned police badge as they exit. Kimble explains to Charnquist that the poison will take effect over the next forty-eight hours, leaving him in a completely vegetative state unless Kimble administers the antitoxin. Kimble phones Gerard, explaining his plan to bring in the One-armed man in person. Gerard thinks this will be just another in a long list of Kimble runarounds. As they drive north, Kimble's warn car reaches its last leg near a train yard and the cuff-linked men must hop on a freight train toward Chicago. As the boxcar heads north, the One-armed man's speech begins to slur as tries to convince Kimble that he'd be just like him if Kimble allows him to die. Kimble is unmoved. Kimble and Charnquist find themselves sharing their car with a trio of hoodlums. Claiming a sort of hobo jurisdiction, they demand money from the handcuffed strangers. The One-armed man, although weakening, antagonizes the punks. Tensions rise until Kimble unlocks the handcuffs and pulls his gun on them. Charnquist urges Kimble to shoot. As they argue one of the men knocks the gun from Kimble, which falls out the open door. The others pull knives and as the train begins to stop Kimble and the One-armed man face off with the trio then jump from the slowing train. A pair of rail cops give chase, splitting the men up. Charnquist is able to escape as the cops close in on Kimble, but lacking the ambition to involve the authorities, they eventually let Kimble go. Charnquist tries to focus at a Chicago street intersection. A sign directs him to a nearby hospital and he labors onward. Gagomiros tells Gerard that the deputy director of the bureau has made apprehending Kimble his top priority. Gerard is uncertain whether to trust this Gagomiros and his hearsay, but does not want to get beat out of a Kimble headline. He insists on pursuing his Kimble lead with little assistance form the outside. Charnquist stumbles into the emergency room of a Chicago hospital. Unable to speak, nurses believe the man may have suffered a stroke. After watching this from outside, Kimble enters, posing as the One-armed man's brother, saying he suffers from Cerebral Palsy and tends to wander off. Reluctant to let the man go in Kimble's custody without ID, the hospital staff awaits some form of acknowledgement that the man is Kimble's brother. Kimble takes Charnquist to the side and explains to the groggy One-armed man that these people can't help him. By the time they diagnose his condition it will be too late to reverse the damage. Charnquist agrees to leave with Kimble and they jump into a cab. As they leave, one of the nurses recognizes the fugitive doctor as he speeds away. Kimble calls Gerard from a burned out warehouse district, leaving the phone to dangle off the hook allowing a trace. Gerard orders Gagomiros to gather the rest of the task force and join him at the warehouse to catch Richard Kimble. Unable to use his cell phone when he arrives, Gerard awaits his back-up. Gagomiros pulls alongside him, but he's alone. No back-up, no task force, no helicopter. Only Gagomiros, who points his gun out the window of his car and fires two quick rounds into Gerard's chest. Kimble hears the gunshots and suspects something is wrong. Charnquist begins a sickly laugh. As Kimble drags the One-armed man through the rubble he turns to face agent Gagomiros, a stranger who exchanges a look of recognition with Charnquist. Gagomiros raises his weapon in the direction of the two men - and fires, again and again and again...

--Warner Bros.