Full House

Season 3 Episode 17

13 Candles

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 1990 on ABC

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  • DJ turns thirteen in this episode!

    In this episode, when D.J. was having her party for her 13th birthday, Kimmy thought of ideas to get D.J. and Kevin together. Meanwhile, the men tried to thought of ways to know about D.J's party, so they tried to hear what was going on by listening from the fireplace. They were shocked when Kimmy suggested them playing Spin the Bottle, so the men came up with excuses to barge into the party (since the parents wouldn't allow them to play kissing games), and they barged in right before Kevin and D.J. was going to kiss. Then it ended up with D.J. being mad at Kimmy for suggesting the idea, and the guys for barging in the party. Overall, this episode had a great storyline, and I liked the adults' storyline more than D.J.'s.
  • Thirteen? Spin the bottle? First kiss? Tiene merci?

    DJ turns thirteen and during her party, Kimmy sets up a spin the bottle game in order to get DJ close to Kevin, the boy she likes. The guys hear about the game and break it up, upsetting DJ. Becky to the rescue for the second time having a woman to girl talk.

    The episode is a nice way to break DJ into her teens, running her smack dab into a fathers nightmare; kissing boys. The guys overreact and make sure nothing occurs, and it's up to Becky to calm things down. In the end, Kevin comes back to the house and he shares a kiss with DJ in the backyard.

    While to the point, one of the main problems is, as usual, Danny himself can't deal with his own child. While these situations can well lend themselves easier to a female, Becky is still just a long term friend of the family. Bad enough that Jesse handles nearly every problem, rather than the actual father.
  • Her first kiss. The guys bust up the smooching when DJ plays spin the bottle at her thirteenth birthday party.

    In this episode, Danny, Jesse, and Joey were to blame. What is wrong with a first kiss, or just a simple kiss? Poor, DJ. The three most crazy dads in the world have to ruin her birthday party, I mean, her thirteenth birthday party! The one birthday party in a boy or girl's life where they are finally a teenager! The best birthday in life . . . and Danny, Jesse, and Joey have to ruin it! Ugh! I know Danny comes to being snoopy and such at ANY relationship. Joey, not one to get all of the girls, probably doesn't know much about relationships. But Jesse. Jesse! He has dated many girls and doesn't let DJ kiss Kevin! Ugh!
  • 13th birthday

    It's d.j.'s 13th birthday and the only thing that can make her have the best birthday ever is getting a kiss from Kevin and she has a party at her house and her dream guy, Kevin comes and d.j. gets mad at stephanie, jesse, joey, and danny when they start spying on her and also Becky tells them they shouldn't spy because a lady's 13th birthday is special.They hear when they start evesdropping that they are playing spin the bottle and kimmy has to go 1st and the bottle lands on bitterman and they take a quick peck and then it's Kevin's turn when he spins everbody moves so it has to be d.j. when they're about to kiss the three guys barge in and start stopping the game.And then d.j. has a talk with Becky and forgives them.This is a great great great episode.
  • DJ's 13th birthday party.

    I loved this ep. It is one of my favs! I thought it was good because it showed how Dj was growing up. Then she was dared to kiss her crush Kevin in a game of spin the bottle. It was her first kiss who wouldn't be scared? Then when the family came in cause they heard what was going on was funny how they where making things up. I was glad that in the end Kevin came back with DJ's birthday card and they have a wee kiss she is so happy thats how a birthday should be and she wasn't under pressure to kiss him this time. It just happened very sweet!
  • Where's the bottle?

    I thought this was a good episode for a few reasons. First it shows how sometimes parents forget how it was to be a kid. Kids do things like DJ and her friends did at parties like spin the bottle. The family as usual over reacts and embarrass DJ in front of her friends. I thought it was funny and deservable to the guys when they hit their heads on the fireplace. It also showed that not all kids think its okay and that it is okay to say no.
  • In this episode, DJ turns thirteen. She likes a boy named Kevin, and it is her first boy/girl birthday party. During a game of spin-the-bottle, DJ and Kevin are set up to kiss, but right then, the guys (Joey, Jesse, and Danny) barge in. Then, Becky and DJ

    I love this episode. It's cute. Made me smile. Funny at times, quietish at others. Not like other episodes of Full House. Unique. Definitely a good one. One of the better episodes. I like when DJ and Becky talk at the end. I just thought they should have started playing the "ending music" when DJ starting talking to Becky instead of when Becky started telling DJ about HER first kiss. Good episode though. Worth watching.
  • More growing pains

    Danny is willing to admit he just can't do some things, and Becky's reaction is quite funny. Yet, it's also the type of reaction - being overprotective - that he'd possibly have even if Pam were still living, though perhaps not quite as much. Danny and D.J. manage to get through this problem,a nd it shows the really great quality of that family.