Full House

Season 4 Episode 17

A Fish Called Martin

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 1991 on ABC

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  • Bubble Bath for Martin.

    I thought that this was a great episode of Full House. Michelle gets a fish named Martin but accidentally puts it in the bath tub with her for a bubble bath. She didn't know that it would die so she blames herself for it. Here is a summary of what happened in this episode: Michelle wins a goldfish at the Fun Fair and names it Martin. When Martin dies after Michelle tries to give him a bubble bath in the tub (she didn't know any better), Michelle blames herself. In an effort to help Michelle feel better, the guys get her a new fish, but she wants nothing to do with it, because she's afraid she'll some how cause this one to die too. At the fair, D.J. met a boy named Bobby, who is a car expert, so D.J. tries to learn as much about cars as she possible can, so she can impress Bobby. When Bobby calls D.J. and tells him the truth, that she thinks cars are boring and they cause pollution, Bobby hangs up on her and she was ok with it. Becky was very proud of her and sorry about her little miss she made. Later, Becky insists on square dancing at the wedding, and Jesse doesn't like it, and while Becky is trying to teach D.J., Stephanie, and the guys how to square dance, Michelle tells everyone to come to the kitchen, where they see that the new fish has become a mother. Michelle feels better when the guys praise her for telling them about the school of new baby fish. I like this episode and hope to see it again soon. :)
  • Bubble Bath anyone?

    This episode was an average episode. It had a few humorous parts. Though the out come of the act isn't funny, seeing Michelle giving the fish a bath was humorous. Also the closet full of fish was funny as well.
    DJ trying to learn about cars just to impress this kid was typical for a girl DJ's age. The episode was okay. It wasn't the worst nor the best.
  • The story "Go Fish" on fanfiction.net and the yahoogroup fullhosuefanfiction covers where the fish went. It would have been better without hat loose end. "We'll Miss You, Pam Tanner" is another great fanfic story referencing this

    Every child goes through deaath at some point. The above stories are mentioned to show whatwas wrong with this episode that kept it from being a lot better. Or, maye what's right is a better way to put it, because Danny doesn't want to think about death. Without saying it, he's likely grieving Pam,a nd doesn't want Michelel to feelt hat loss, doesn't want to think about it. In the latter story, it's mentioned Sesame Street even had an episode about death, and that D.J. read a book about said episode to Michelle a few times to help her understand. The men just never handled death really well - but the way they wrote Michelle blaming herself and getting the new fish was great.