Full House

Season 7 Episode 24

A House Divided

Aired Friday 9:00 PM May 17, 1994 on ABC

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  • Stephanie Matures


    In this series, Stephanie is on the brink of high school, and just as . was in the flick "Take My Sister, Please," in where she requests her own room, I remember Stephanie in here mentioning that if they do move, she said excitedly: "I can have my own room!!!", but that is natural for a girl of Stephanie's age in this flick.

    After all, she is not a little nine year old girl anymore, going to elementary school; she is in Junior High, on the verge of high school. And, as far as I'm concerned, she shoul;d have gone to Danny, and the other guys, and requested her own room, as . did before in the episode "Take My Sister,

    As Stephanie matures from a little girl, to a beautiful teenager, she and . are bonding more and more - even Kimmy stops calling Stephanie "Squirt," at some point (I believe it was either Season 6 or 7), and calls her "Blondo," and "Blondie" instead. It is high time Stephanie gets her own room, as . did.

    A Junior Highschooler and a High Schooler have nothing in common with a KID Michelle's age, and there were a couple of times when Stephanie got frustrated. But that's to be expected, as Stephanie is transitioning out of little girlhood, into a land of maturity, and by the time Season 8 came around, she was already in High School.

    I think it would have done the family good - especially for a blossoming girl like Stephanie - to have moved into a bigger house, with separate rooms. Stephanie would have had her own room all to herself, and this would have done the whole family good. It was ok for a couple of seasons for Stephanie and Michelle to share a there came a time when Stephanie was maturing out of little girlhood, into a blossoming teenager.

    So, yeah: Michelle was a spolied little brat when she won the debate of staying in the house they grew up in, and this was especially unfair to Stephanie, who was becoming a teenager during the course of Seasons 7 and 8. Michelle was a brat in here.

  • Michelle the spoiled brat wins again,

    I know that the show is called Full House but this episode goes too far. Finally reality sets in and that nine people in a small house can't work cause everybody will get on each other nerves. Now enter Lou Bond a rich person who lived in the house as a small boy who wants it and offers Danny Tanner double the value that the house its worth and everybody is thrilled except Michelle. Of course who wins at the end is Michelle. If this was reality Danny would have taken the money. This episode once again proves that the producers and writers have caved into the Olsen twins.
  • good

    Danny gets an enticing offer from somebody to buy the house, and everyone is thrilled about the idea of moving, especially Jesse and Rebecca, who want to move into their own house, and Joey, who wants his own place. But Michelle wants everyone to stay in the house they live in now, the same house they have all lived in for 7 years.

    Good episode. This, to me, would have been a good series finale, because it does a good job at showcasing how everyone in the house does in fact care for each other, even though sometimes they get on each others' nerves. This was a good episode, good season finale
  • For Sale

    I thought this was a very botom of the varrel episode. First of all we all knew the Tanners would never move. Second Michelle's little stunts were so obvious that anybody could see through them. Everybody in this episode was acting selfish and inconsiderate. Moving would have change the whole story line. Unless this was going to be the series finale. That would have made more sense.
  • The family is fed up with how small their house is. Nine people live in the house, which hogs up the bathroom space. When a man who lived in the house earlier offered to buy it, most of the family is ecstatic, except Michelle.

    I love this show, but this episode makes me cringe. How can I bear to watch the part when Michelle says "We all live here."? It's like Michelle is the main character, and she always gets what she wants. Everything revolves around her. She doesn't want to move, so neither does anyone else. There has to be some controversy.
  • Little miss Michelle again gets what she wants even though it will only benefit her and prejudice the rest of the family

    The plotline would have been less disapointing if they had not led the principal line to little Michelle, the one who would probably have least memories about the house. The story begins with the whole family feuding, because there's barely any space for anyone. It would be reasonably to get a little irritated when there's only one restroom for 4 whole people who are all into basic or extreme personal hygene. Other problems come from Danny not consulting some clean regulations that come in the house and Jessie and Rebbeca realizing that their kids are growing and need more space to play. This all gets solved when a rich guy offers the Tanners twice for their house. This way they would get a bigger house to fit everyone, and everyone would be happy. Of course, that's the reaction and what they want, but not little Michelle; she wants to stay in the house and have everyone so tight fit and still on each other's nerves, because that way they are a family...or thats what she thinks is a family. Of course, everyone listens to her like always, making her point more important than others, and that makes me wonder, what if Stephanie had said it? It would have probably gotten a negative response from the whole family.

    This episode would have been better if they hadn't put Michelle as the principal character again. It's just annoying that the family makes her as the biggest priority and the reason to not leave, just because they would abandon memories. Moreover, her acting was painful, it was like she was reading her lines and not putting any kind of spirit into it.
  • Amazing Episode!

    A House Divided was an amazing episode! It is about everyone being mad because the house is too small for all of those people. DJ wants a bathroom and Steph wants her own room and everyone else has a reason. The person who lived at their house before they moved there is offering double the regular amount. Everyone is excited about moving except Michelle. Michelle, Teddy, and Denise help the house fail the inspection by making a fake leak, making DJ's room crooked, and she puts many dogs in her room. At the end of the episode everyone realizes that everything special happened at this house and they decide not to move. Overall, this episode was fantastic and it was also very funny and entertaining.
  • A man who used to live at the Tanner house comes to make an offer for it: Double the price the Tanners paid for the house. Everybody's excited when they think they're gonna move, except Michelle. (Click CONTINUE)

    Some of you people out there might be reading what I thought of this episode, and I said, it was painful to watch. You might be thinking, "How was this episode painful to watch!?!" Well, this episode was painful to watch because there was a 50% chance of the family splitting up. Yes, the one, big, happy family, might break apart, and, along with Michelle, I didn't want that to happen. So, there. I admitted it. But on the other hand, the episode was enjoyable, especially watching all of the effort caused by Michelle, trying not to convince the man to buy the house. The fake leak, DJ's room, which like by magic, the foundation had fell apart, and the room filled with vermins. Or, as Michelle or anybody else would call them: dogs.
  • It had to be a dream, too inconsistent otherwise, from Joey not using the studio for his quiet time on down.

    Not only are there more bathroomsin every other episode, even as far back as season 3, Joey had the perfect place to spend his quiet time, that being the studio. Turn the light on, lock the door, they know not to bother him. And a whole hour when the house rules say only a few minutes from the start it's inconsistent enough to not just be out of character, but a dream sequence.
    Jesse and Becky are not stopped from moving out by anything, they could easily have bought a house because they'd have the money saved up, Jesse could use his club as collateral. If they like a house, just recause the rest of the family stays does not prevent them from moving.
    The dogs running wild were really weird, how could that happen?
    And Danny - he's never money hungry otherwise!
    This sounds to me like the normal dream of a 7-year-old who has usual childhood worries about family splitting up, yet she is the hero of the dream because by that age, she'd be really good at conquering those monsters. They just needed to show her waking up.
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