Full House

Season 2 Episode 11

A Little Romance

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 1989 on ABC

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    How I watch Tv show Seria Full House Episod A litlle Romance
  • fave one out of the whole season!

    this episode is soooooooooooooo funny.i loved it.i like the end part how becky works everything out with dj.i also liked the whole episode though it's hilarious believe me!i liked that part that nick says that was funny but i also liked michelle in 2 scenes acually the crib scene with stephanie and the end where i thought was such a good ender before the credits,it definetly makes you want to see the episode again and again.she was so cute.i won't spoil the whole episode for you though you really just have to see'a little romance'.
  • The best of the whole season!

    This is episode is cute and funny. But the guy DJ is dating is a total jerk! The part with Jesse and Becky was so cute and funny. The most funny part was when Jesse's dad says "So you paid $2,000 for him. Maybe your not aware of this, but you could have had him for free". I laughed so hard. The entire episode had me cracking up. HA HA!
  • In this episode, DJ has her very first boyfriend. But then, he leaves her for Kathy Santoni. He had even given DJ a friendship bracelet. In the end, Becky talks to DJ.

    This is a really good episode. I like the episodes where Becky and DJ talk. I just thought it was a little awkward when DJ said: Becky, can I call you sometime to talk...about girl stuff. I just thought that was a little weird. Maybe it's just me though. It's one of those episodes you want to watch alone. Not really a group deal. Really cute though. Worth it to the core.
  • Numerous great things - first romance & Jesse/Becky

    This shows many great facets of the show - the men struggling w/how to deal with girl issues (and thankfully Becky's there to help, I think we can assume the feminie hygeine stuff and the like will be her job :-), and D.J.'s first boyfriend. It also shows how fleeting that can be in 6th grade, and the popularity contest that can ensue. Of course, there's Jesse and Becky and their revealed feelings, esp. Becky's. All in all, it has a bit of everything.
  • The ugly duckling

    I liked this episode a lot. It shows how thoughtless kids can be to others at times. It also showed that sometimes parents don\'t know what to say to their kids when bad things happen. The auction was really funny. When Becky bit so high for Jesse you knew right then and there that things were on their way for the two of them. Nicks like to Becky was also classic. \"I don\'t know if you know this or not but you could have had him for free.\" Very cleaver. Becky again saves the day in talking to DJ about what happened between her and Michael. Good episode.
  • It's about when D.J. finally has a boyfriend who likes her. They talk or sit with each other at lunch. Then one day he tells D.J. that he doesn't want to be her boyfriend because another girl in his class it more prettier than D.J. and she is felling low.

    This episode is about not letting something as simple as a boy let it ruin your self-confidence. D.J. thinks that she isn't pretty enough for a boy. But what Becky makes her realize that she is pretty and she has very good quailties in herself and any boy that thinks that she isn't pretty isn't the boy for her. And plus there's this fact that D.J. will have lots more boyfriends along the way (as you can see in this series).
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