Full House

Season 2 Episode 11

A Little Romance

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 1989 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Nick goes into Michelle's room to check on Michelle and Stephanie, he closes the door. But as he leaves, the door is open.

  • Quotes

    • Danny: (to a recently-sold bachelor) Well, congratulations, Jeff. Who would've guessed that something this wonderful would happen to you on your first day of parole?
      (a group of bachelorettes murmur in response)
      Danny: Just kidding.

    • Nick: All you guys get sold?
      : Nick, I got a great girl.
      Danny: I got her grandmother.
      Jesse: Well, I got Becky. Pop, she paid 1,700 bucks for me.
      Nick: What are you? Nuts?!
      Joey: That's what I said.
      Jesse: Stifle it.

    • Michael: I'd having lunch with Cathy Santoni tomorrow.
      D.J.: You can't eat lunch with Cathy Santoni. Everyone will say you're boyfriend/girlfriend.
      Michael: Yeah, maybe.
      D.J.: (silence) But I thought we were boyfriend/girlfriend.
      Michael: Yeah, well, you're really nice, and funny, and smart. But Cathy Santoni is......so pretty.

    • Nick: (to Rebecca, after hearing of what she bid on Jesse) $1,700? I don't know if you're aware of this... but ya could've had him for free.

    • Crystal: (about to bid on Jesse) I bid $1,000.
      Danny: Wow. What do you say about that, Jess?
      Jesse: $1,000 for a night with me? No pressure there.
      Danny: Okay, we have $1,000 going once, going twice...
      Rebecca: 1,100!
      Jesse: (shocked) 1,100?!
      Crystal: 1,200!
      Rebecca: 1,300!
      Crystal: 1,400!
      Rebecca: $1,700!
      (the crowd applauds)
      Danny: Okay! How 'bout 1,800? Anybody?
      Crystal: Take him. I could never explain $1,800 to my husband. (leaves in a huff)
      Danny: SOLD! To Rebecca Donaldson, for $1,700!

    • Rebecca: When Crystal was about to win that date with you, something happened. I was...
      Jesse: A little jealous?
      Rebecca: (slowly) I wanted to claw her eyes out.

    • Jesse: (in tears while chopping onions) I'm so happy you could stay for dinner, Becky.
      (Rebecca helps wipe his eyes)
      Rebecca: Me, too. I love to see a grown man cry.
      (Joey returns and sees the 2)
      Joey: Becky, you really oughta go out with him. You're breakin' the guy's heart.
      Jesse: Back off, man! I was choppin' onions.

  • Notes

    • D.J. gets her first boyfriend in this episode, although her relationship with her first boyfriend is very short-lived in this episode.

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