Full House

Season 4 Episode 6

A Pinch for a Pinch

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 1990 on ABC

Episode Recap

It is Joey's week to be a parent volunteer at Michelle's preschool, but earlier in the week, Joey has an appointment with a dentist, so he gets Jesse to cover for him at the preschool. When Aaron starts pinching Michelle, and vice-versa, Jesse loses his temper. When the teacher catches wind of this, she gives both Michelle and Aaron a time-out. Jesse, who believes that Michelle shouldn't be punished for defending herself, takes Michelle out of the preschool. Danny understands that Jesse was trying to protect Michelle from Aaron, but Danny feels that Jesse shouldn't have had to take Michelle out of the preschool, so Jesse has a talk with his niece and explains to her that physical violence is not appropriate at any time. Meanwhile, Kimmy, who is now in charge of the horoscope in the school newspaper, writes a horoscope under Stephanie's sign, and Stephanie freaks out when all of these things start coming true. Stephanie decides to get back at her, and is successful.