Full House

Season 4 Episode 6

A Pinch for a Pinch

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 26, 1990 on ABC

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  • Well, pin a pinch of horoscope on your nose.

    This episode was a great episode because although it's based on Michelle's negative behavior, it's a funny episode. When Joey had a cavity, Jesse reluctantly replaced Joey to volunteer in Michelle's preschool class. Everything went out great until a classmate, Aaron, ate her cracker, so Jesse told Michelle to fight back, but it ended up with Michelle and Aaron pinching each other, and the teacher punishing them. Jesse thought that it was unfair, so she dropped Michelle out of school. Meanwhile, when DJ and Kimmy told Stephanie a horoscope, Stephanie got really freaked when her horoscope turned out to be very accurate. Overall, this episode was great because it was funny, and also cute, in Jesse and Michelle's storyline at school. Also, I liked DJ, Steph, and Kimmy's storyline better.
  • I pinch.

    When Jesse is stuck taking Joey's place as a preschool helper, he teaches Michelle to "do to others what they do to you". This form of lesson leads Michelle to pinch Stephanie for borrowing her lamp, which makes Jesse realize he didn't teach Michelle the right lesson.

    Jesse reveals that he went through a lot of fights as a kid standing up for himself, but isn't happy that that was how he solved problems. In trying to get Michelle to stand up for herself, he gets Michelle going in the right direction, but fails to teach her the limits of that direction.

    As for the backup plots; Stephanie's horoscope was played out horribly. There's no way she didn't feel Kimmy at her pocket. Joey's tooth was a cute subplot, if only for the inabilty to understand him at the end of the show.
  • i love full house but this episode made it painfull to keep my eyes on the T.V

    i love full house but this episode made it painfull to keep my eyes on the T.V

    a pinch for a pinch was just another episode where michelle got her way and was just as annoying as ever. But those episodes are usually good. but this one michelle made me go BLAH!!! she got in a fight over a cookie and jesse pulls her out of preschool because of it. BLAH!! it wasnt the best plotline and it wasnt the best michelle and jesse moment. i loved almost every episode in the sereis but this one if by far the worst.
  • Funny stuff

    Everytime you see michelle as a baby/toddler acting it\'s pretty funny, and you can\'t help but wonder how she does it so well and entertaining. The pinching scene with that other kid was funny, and the way uncle Jesse stood up for her was amusing too. Her coming home with a bunch of prizes from the carnival and her dads reaction were classic. Then the potty joke. All in all it was excatly like a typical Full House episode in which an event happens, or an incident lessons were learned, everybody hugs and or apologizes and everything is back to normal.
  • ouch that pinch hurt

    I thought this episode was just an average episode. It had a good lesson to be learned about kids and when they don't get along. What you should do and what you shouldn't do. Jesse always seems to over react when it comes to matters of this kind. But he does it out of love.
    The plot liine about Kimmy and Stephanie was funny but kind of silly also. Stephanie has never believed what Kimmy says why would she start then.
  • Cute 7 quite realistic

    Most kids will try being physical once, even without being urged on by an Uncle Jese. BUt, he shows he's still got a little rebel in him. He does a good job of making it understandable to Michelle when he does explain things to her, and one can tell he's learned something, too. Though he does playfully hit Joey still a couple times. :-) Another sign it was D.J. punishing Michelle - Jesse wasn't capable of putting even his own kids in timeout later, but Joey, int his teaser, says they can disobey the rules without Danny there, so he sure wouldn't have been putting her in timeout earlier.