Full House

Season 1 Episode 15

A Pox in Our House

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 1988 on ABC

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  • Joey,Jessie and Stephaine are with the pox.

    It is an normal day in the tannar house.However when Stephaine start to get sick and begin to have the chicken pox.She is unable to go to school.Of course that didn't make her happy.Even though she tried her best of heading to school.Unfortunelly she couldn't.Than Jessie and Joey get the pox.Danny and D.J is the only that are not sick.Danny has something to do and can't find an babysitter to take care of the household.In an searched but with no luck of finding one.But in the end D.J decided to come back from the slumber party to help out to take care of the people who are sick.
  • Light and fun!

    In this episode, the family learns that Stephanie has the chicken pox. This isn't a problem until Joey and Jesse, the only available baby-sitters, catch it too. One of the best parts is when everybody comes into the room to see what Stephanie needs and Joey brings her a horn. Even better is when Jesse walks in in his Elvis costume. I also loved the next morning when Jesse and Joey come to the table exhausted and Jesse finds out from his mother that he never had chicken pox ("It was an allergic reaction to wool?") But the best scene came when Danny brings the three of them food and joins in singing.
  • Awesome Episode, but the sisters are crazy!

    I liked this episode a lot and it was sure interseting, but the sisters made descicions in this episode that i would have never done! the first craziest was DJ giving up her slumber party to babysit!who would turn down staying up the night with your freinds eating junk food, chatting, playing games, and dancing to music without adults to stay home alone and watch over sick people that could give you their sickness obeying their every command! it is stupid for a kid to do that. DJ is really growing up.the other crazy thing was stephanie trying to go back to school just to see a ballarenia! School is like the last place i would want to be(Unless Miranda Cosgrove were there, I have a crush on her!)But a ballarenia! i don't think it would be all that worth it. Steph is obviously young

    Great episode! I only wish that i could find the video of jesse and the rippers performing hodja in the opening of the show it was unbelievable! a a a aa a a a a a a a aa a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a
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  • put this episode on if you have the chicken pox in a way it takes your mind off it lol.

    another great full house episode! good message on how sometimes you have to miss out on somewhere you want to go because your sick,like how stephanie wanted to go to her ballet class because a ballerina was coming and she tried to sneak out in disguise that was cute.definetly my favourite part!i also liked the part when dj decided to baby-sit that was a growing-up step for her.don't miss this installment!
  • Good example of an excellent show.

    This episode is one of the best of the series. Stephanie comes down with the chicken pox, and eventually passes it to Joey (who was supposed to be immune to Chicken Pox) and Jesse. Danny has to be at a Warriors game, but can't find a sitter to watch Stephanie, Jesse, and Joey. Meanwhile, DJ is going to her first ever slumber party. DJ shows her love to her father by coming back, missing her slumber party, and watching Stephanie, Jesse, and Joey. Overall, this episode is one of the best.
  • Once again the creators of Full House put in multiple plots and twists...

    I really liked watching this episode, its a fine example of how you can be so desperate but at the last moment someone rescues you.

    The episode gets to the point, telling us that Danny gets to be on the Golden State Warriors bench for 40 minutes, but then Stephanie gets Chicken Pox, and with no babysitters (ever notice whenever you need babysitters they are rarely around?) Danny stays home. Then Jesse and Joey get Chicken Cox!

    Jesse and Joey probably caught the Chicken Pox from Stephanie, and now Danny must stay home to take care all three of them (Jesse told everyone that he already had chicken pox but his mother called him on the phone and said that that was an allergy reaction to wool).

    It's nice for both DJ and Danny, especially that Danny trusts DJ to take care of two adults and one girl. She must be really responsible.

    It's a good episode, not that bad.
  • D.J. starts growing up, shows how she, and not Jesse, becomes the mom figure in the books for Michelle

    It's great to see how D.J. realizes her first non-mother-daughter slumber party (which she'd want to call her first ever, so as not to have to think about Pam not being there) is less important than caring for Michelle. Danny coudl have stayed, but she cares about Michelle and taking care of her sisters; even if Danny's a little too overprotective. (As another said, it wouldn't have beent hat big a hassle, as most kids get them.) Her mothering instinct, being the oldest besides Danny on the 2nd floor, would be even mroe pronounced int he books, and lead to her being even more dedicated. But here, she's still deserving of Dannys' exclamation, "What a kid!" And, she'll have to do some work behidn the scenes anyway, as it turns out, like we saw in her trying to cook the turkey and helping Steph her first day of school.
  • The chain gang

    Thats the sound of men working on the chain gang.... I loved that part when they were all sitting on joeys bed squirting each other. I thought this was a good episode because first it showed how DJ is finding out that getting older carries more responsibilities. The phone call between Jesse and his mom about Jesse having chicken pocs before and it being an alergic to wool rash was a bit on the silly side. What I didn't understand was what was the big deal about exposiing Michelle to chicken pocs. All kids get them so what is she would have gotten them she just would have gotten them over with early.