Full House

Season 6 Episode 12

A Very Tanner Christmas

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 1992 on ABC

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  • Becky

    I like this episode
  • Christmas Review #70

    With the holiday season underway, there is a lot of joy, excitement, pain, and forgiveness in store for the Tanner clan. Although she is trying to put on a brave front, it is clear that Rebecca misses her snow-filled Christmases in Nebraska, and Jesse is determined to make this year a special celebration for her. D.J. is resentful over Steve's decision to attend college in Florida, fearing that their relationship will suffer once he leaves. With Michelle and Stephanie indicating greed and materialism with their Christmas presents, Jesse plans a special surprise to teach them the true meaning of the season. Lastly, Danny feels the void of Vicky's absence, but this surely a memorable Christmas, and there may still be a bit of magic in the air for everyone. Nothing much to say about this episode except that it's funny and heartwarming. Jesse showing Michelle and Stephanie the homeless shelter just so they can see how fortunate they are was very nice. DJ also learning that Steve is moving to Florida to go to college after graduation was also nice. There were a bunch of funny parts that gave me good laughs as well. Overall, an excellent Christmas episode of "Full House". 10/10
  • perfect

    i have not seen this episode in quite some time, but i remember liking a lot about it, such as jesse showing michelle and stephanie the homeless shelter to help show them how fortunate they are with what they have. I liked DJ and Steve's plot, with DJ learning Steve plans on moving to Florida for college after graduating. Rebecca misses White Christmases, and so Jesse gets it to snow for her (of course it IS fake snow, but the gesture is nice). Good episode with some really good moments, A+ is my final grade
  • It's Christmas at the Tanner's.

    A Very Tanner Christmas is the 2nd Christmas episode. It was very good in my opinion. It was funny too. DJ buys Steve a leather jacket and Steve gives DJ a sweatshirt of the college that Steve is going to all the way in Florida, but DJ gets mad at him because he is going across the country and they won't see each other a lot. Steve dresses up as Santa at their party and then they get back together. Jesse takes Stephanie and Michelle to a place where poor children live and they help out there. All in all, a wonderful episode.
  • The true meaning of Christmas

    The Tanners know what the true meaning of Chrsitmas is - giving love every day. (Well, also Jesus Christ's birth, you got Jesse's cross necklace, Steph praying to God for Mr. Bear to be found, etc., but I digress.) And Jesse shows it in how he takes the girls down to help feed the hungry. It's also awesome to see D.J. and Steve try to grow their relationship - but you can tell like Jesse & Becky of season 2 they still think they have to be together, and that's going to cause problems until they get back together a couple yeaars from now. The three Santas were funny.
  • It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I loved this episode. It shows that christmas's expectations are sometimes higher then it actually is but there is always something that makes it special and happy. The ending of this episode was very special when Jesse took Becky into the backyard which was covered in snow. There could be nothing more romantic than what he did for her. There are many lessons in this show mostly that you can't buy love and things do not always end up like you may have planned.