Full House

Season 8 Episode 16

Air Jesse

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 1995 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • If you notice when Jesse is shooting hoops by himself when Danny and Joey leave, you will see when Jesse misses, an arm in the corner of the screen roll the basketball back to Jesse.

    • If you notice the basketball when Comet makes the basket, it's a different ball. It's very shiny and lightweight. When Jesse asks for the ball after Comet makes his shot, it's a regular basketball.

    • During the first season, in Just one of the Guys, Danny, Joey, Cousin Steve, and Jesse go off to shoot hoops. Jesse knows how to play basketball. But in Air Jesse, we find that Jesse stinks at basketball.

      Additionally, Jesse watches basketball on TV, with Cousin Steve, Danny, and Joey. He talks about slam dunks and layups... two things he didn't know in Air Jesse.

  • Quotes

    • DJ: Dad, I want you to shoot half the baskets, and Joey, I want you to shoot the other half.
      Jesse: Where's my half?
      DJ: Um, Uncle Jesse, you're our defense specialist. You'll be guarding the high scorer.
      Jesse: Okay, great. I'm guarding the high scorer. Who's the high scorer?
      DJ: My guess is whomever you're guarding.

    • Joey: Jesse, last time we gave you the ball, you picked it up and ran with it!
      Jesse: That's because every time I bounce the ball, some guy takes it away from me!
      Danny: You're really making us want to throw it to you more and more...

    • Becky: (when a fan asks for a picture of her) Let me just grab my jacket.
      Stephanie: You're gonna wear your jacket? But that will cover the blouse. (pause) You hate my blouse, don't you?
      Becky: No. No. I just......love my jacket.
      Stephanie: That's okay, Aunt Becky. You can hate my blouse.
      Michelle: See, Aunt Becky? Aren't you relieved? Now you don't have to lie anymore!
      Becky: Michelle, you've been so helpful through all of this.

    • Jesse: (watching Kareem play basketball with his son) You're a pretty lucky guy, you know?
      Kareem: I've had a little practice.
      Jesse: No, I mean, with your kid. He really looks up to you and admires you, like you're his hero or something.
      Kareem: Yeah, well, I raised his allowance last week.

    • Kareem: Excuse me. Mind if we use the court?
      Jesse: Oh, yeah, sure. You ever played basketball before?
      Kareem: A little.
      Jesse: Yeah, well, let me tell you, pal, it's not as easy as it looks. But you look like a fairly tall guy, so it should come pretty naturally to you.

    • Kareem: Let's see you do a lay-up.
      Jesse: Without a helmet?

    • Jesse: I gotta tell you, Kareem, I owe it all to you. From now on, everyone I see, I'm gonna tell them "Kareem Abdul-Jabaar taught me how to play basketball!"
      Kareem: Why don't we just keep that our little secret?

    • Becky: (to Jesse) Aw, honey, don't you see? It doesn't matter what you do. You're their dad, you're their hero. I mean, you could be the worst basketball player in the universe--which you probably are--and they would still be proud of you.

    • Jesse: Hey boys, did you see your dad make the winning shot?
      Rebecca: Uh, Jess? They missed it.
      Jesse: What?
      Rebecca: We were on the potty run.
      Nicky: I went number 1!
      Jesse: Oh really, well, that's great, son.
      Alex: I watched!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • In this episode, Comet the dog shoots a basketball (and makes it!) by bouncing it off his nose when Joey tosses it to him. In the 2000 film Air Bud, the premise was that a dog (a golden retriever, just like Comet) knew how to shoot baskets the exact same way.

    • This episode is named after MIchael Jordan's nickname: Air Jordan.

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