Full House

Season 8 Episode 22

All Stood Up

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 1995 on ABC

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  • Stephanie asks her cute crush, Ryan if he would go out with her. She finds out later, when she is waiting that she was stood up. The worst thing is, Danny interferes with SPAM.

    I thought that this episode showed a side of Stephanie that we never seen before. She asks her cute crush Ryan if he would go to the dance with her and he says yes. Stephanie gets all dressed up and is waiting in her living room. About two hours later, she has built the whole New York skyline out of legos and Ryan still hadn't shown up. Danny comes into the room and Stephanie starts crying and says that she was stood up. The next day, Danny goes to Stephanie's school to deliver SPAM for a food drive that they were having. Danny runs into Ryan and supposedly threatens him with a can of SPAM as Gia said to Stephanie at there house hours later. Ryan asked Stephanie if she wanted to get some pizza at school after his talk with Danny and Stephanie thought that would be nice. In return for revenge, she stood up Ryan and Ryan shows up at the house. Ryan tells Danny that Stephanie stood him up and she talks to him about it. In the end, all is well and they go get that pizza after all with Danny's money of course. lol This episode was really great and it was above average for me.
  • Step asked out her crush and end up getting stood up.

    Okay at school Step had a huge crush on a guy named Ryan who was very cute by the way. By Jenna giving her the push to go ask him out he did and Step got all dress up and waited at home for him to come pick her up. He never showed, and she got all up set and started to cry. Danny went to her school and found Ryan and told him what happen. Then when Step found out she was like why would you do that. Later Ryan comes over and saids sorry he just thought she wouldn't care.
  • Poor Steph.

    Ryan was wrong to stand Steph up. He could at least called her and said he couldn't make it or he was going bowling or to invite her! What was he thinking!?! Stephanie built the whole New York City skyline waiting for him! What a jerk!

    This whole episode was kinda sad on Stephanie's part. I can feel her pain. Though I've never had a boyfriend, or in my case, GIRLFRIEND, or been stood up before, I can still imagine what it'd feel like to go through all of that. Again, how could Ryan do that?

    I could see him ditching Stephanie if she still looked like herself in Seasons 1-3, but in Season 8? Stephanie looked really good! How could he ditch her like that? Well, stood up, really. Ditching is when you are already with the person. Nevermind.

    Great episode, and great plot, and great acting by all of the characters. Just too bad Stephanie had to dodge a date with him as well for payback. Oh well, in the end, everything went fine, and they finally went out for pizza.

    And Full House, being the great family comedy show it is, ended this episode with a hug from Stephanie to Danny.
  • Your dad threatened him with canned meat.

    Your dad threatened him with canned meat was the rumor going around school about stephanie and her date after he stood her up. Parents don't go and talk to their kids dates who don't show up or something. How embarrassing that would be. Also whats up again with live stock in the neighborhood. A silly game of cat and dog between Kimmy and Jesse.
  • Stephanie asks a guy to the dance, but then gets stood up. So she decides to get back at him by standing him up when he asks her out on a date because Danny told him that Stephanie cried.

    I though this episode was so so good!! I really felt bad for Steph. Haha that guy Ryan was a jerk. But I loved the way that the story line was. Again I must say that the writers do a fantasic job on the script. Hahah "it was spam!" lol I just thought that line was halarious! I highly recommend this episode and all other Full House episodes to anyone who enjoys comedy or family sitcoms. I thought that this episode really showed what can happen when you stand someone up. It taught a good lesson. I am glad this episode is out. It really is one of the best.
  • stupid ass website

    id fuckin love it if i could fuckin watch it
  • Stephanie stood up real bad.

    I can't believe what a stupid mistake that was Ryan pulled on Stephanie about the night of the dance they were going to at the high school. Instead he does a last minute change by going with friends to the movies and not let Stephanie know about it? What was he thinking at first? I hated that. He didn't even call Stephanie or still come to the house to get her? I am glad Danny gave him a lecture he would not ever forget.