Full House

Season 8 Episode 22

All Stood Up

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 1995 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In this episode, Danny didn't know who Ryan was at first, but he was able to point him out because someone called him by his first name. It's a little odd that Danny automatically assumed that was the exact same Ryan that stood up Stephanie. For all Danny knew, there could have been a hundred Ryans in that school.

    • Kimmy's pet ostrich Oscar is obviously a fake bird, though it is real in the show's script. You can easily tell that it is a puppet.

  • Quotes

    • Danny: (after Stephanie hugs him) What was that for?
      Stephanie: For being a caring, involved parent who sticks up for his daughter.
      Danny: Thanks, honey.
      Stephanie: Just don't ever do it again.

    • Stephanie: Ryan apologized.
      Gia: I know. The whole school knows. You're dad chased him down the hall, clobbered him with canned ham, and shoved him in a locker.
      Danny: It was not a can of ham, it was SPAM.

    • DJ: (when Michelle thinks she can beat her at something) All right, Michelle, but just remember, I'm older, I'm wiser.....
      Michelle: You're also taller. (brings out a limbo stick that Nicky and Alex are holding) Let's get ready to liiiiimbo!
      DJ: Michelle, this is totally unfair.
      Michelle: That's the beauty of it. (starts music, does the limbo without a problem, looks to DJ)
      Nicky: Your turn, DJ.
      Alex: How looooow can you gooooo?
      DJ: (sighs, tries to do it, stops) Not that low. (turns off music) Congratulations, Michelle. You win.
      Michelle: Finally, I beat my big sister at something!
      DJ: Michelle, that was cruel, sneaky, and underhanded. I've taught you well. Nice work.

    • Ryan: Look, your dad didn't threaten me. He just made me realize what a rat I was to stand you up.
      Stephanie: Really? (pause) And I guess I was a rat to stand you up.
      Danny: Well, you know, two rats don't make a wrong!

    • Danny: Deej, did I just hear limbo music?
      DJ: What you heard was the end of an era.

    • Danny: You didn't see Stephanie on the couch, all dressed up with noplace to go.
      Ryan: She took it pretty hard, huh?
      Danny: She was devastated. It broke my heart to see the tears in her eyes.
      Ryan: I didn't mean to make her cry.
      Danny: You didn't think about her feelings at all! Not only did you ruin her night, but you missed out on knowing a really terrific person. Maybe next time, Ryan, you should try thinking of someone besides yourself.

    • Danny: Steph, you can't change schools.
      Stephanie: I want to change dads!
      Danny: Look, I didn't mean to embarrass you. It just hurt me to see how much he hurt you. I'm sorry. I hope someday you understand.

    • Stephanie: Listen, Ryan, I know the only reason you asked me out again is because my dad threatened you with canned ham.
      Danny: It was SPAM!

    • Stephanie: It's official. Ryan's not coming.
      Danny: Steph, you don't know that for sure.
      Stephanie: Dad, I was supposed to be home 10 minutes ago.
      Danny: Well, maybe something happened.
      Stephanie: Something did happen. I've been stood up.

    • Becky: Kimmy, can we please put an end to this? I am sure you do not want to jeapordize Jesse's health.
      Kimmy: Well, of course not. If he croaks, I won't be able to bug him anymore!
      Becky: You see that, Jess? Underneath it all, she really almost cares.

    • Ryan: Let's go get some pizza.
      Stephanie: Okay, but it's on me. (walks up to Danny with her hand out) Dad?

    • Michelle: Finally I beat my big sister at something!
      DJ: Michelle! That was very sneaky and underhanded...I've taught you well.

    • DJ: (to Stephanie) Hmm let's see - my lipstick, my eyeliner, my blush, I hope my face has a good time tonight!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: All Stood Up
      This is a reference to an Elvis Presley song titled, All Shook Up. A Broadway musical opened up with the title of this song All Shook Up in March of 2005.

    • Jesse tells Rebecca to call him Blackie. John Stamos played Blackie Parrish on General Hosiptal from 1982-84.

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