Full House

Season 3 Episode 7

And They Call It Puppy Love

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 1989 on ABC

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  • The Tanners finally got a pet!

    This episode is really special because in this episode, the Tanners finally has a pet, and also it's for the first time.

    Everything started out as a female dog appearing in the yard, and when Stephanie noticed the dog, she walked the dog inside the house. Everybody wanted the dog to stay, except for Jesse. Then the dog got in labor and was going to have puppies, so the family had no choice but to help the dog. Then, it turned out to be fine, until the dog ran up to Jesse's bed to have puppies, and got everybody arguing. But the ending, it tuned out to be great, because when the original owner showed up, they kept a puppy. It's an excellent storyline.
  • The Tanner's help an stray dog and this mark the first time that they get an pet.

    Joey find an stray or an lost golden retreiver name Minnie and brought it to the house.They start to take care of the dog and apparently Minnie likes Jessie bed.If the owner didn't come and claim it than they would've kept Minnie.Than one day unexpectedly Minnie,begin to have her puppies.Which brought joyment for the tanner family.Its been an while since the tanner's had the puppies and the dog.Not until when the owner comes to claim Minnie and the puppies.Which made the girls sad.But the owner,let them keep one of her puppies.The one that liked Jessie bed!

    Yeah and that puppy was soon to be known as Coment.This episode basicly the origin of Coment and how he joined the tanner family.
  • peanut butter and puppies

    This was a very special episode. A true classic of the series. When Minnie showed up ion the Tanner back yard and they took her in, we finally saw compassion take over Danny letting his Mr. Clean side go for the time being. When Minnie gave birth on Jesse's bed without actually showing it, You saw those little puppie there and the miracle of birth. When Frank offered the Tanners one of Minnie's puppies it was so heartwarming.
  • Some people just have dogs come intot heir lives

    A cat stayed with us when I was 4 for a month, and I've known friends who adopted dogs who just wandered in. It's great to see the Tanners get a dog - well, one of her puppies, this way. An episode that would take place over several weeks, it's the first of a few that are out of order, as likely 1 aand maybe 2 episodes would have occurred during the time of this one. Everyone's reaction is so cool,a nd Stephanie is soooo excited!