Full House

Season 8 Episode 11

Arrest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Dec 13, 1994 on ABC

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  • Ho Ho Ho

    Jesse was correct when he showed his displeasure of how people lost the true meaning of christmas. When Michelle overheard Danny making fun of a gift that Michelle had already bought for Danny she asks Jesse to take her to the novelity store she bought it from. When they get there they find a bitter owner who doesn't have the holiday spirit either. After some time with the owner Michelle invites him to christmas dinner. It turns out he was bitter because his kids never call. In the end the owner brings presents for everybody and Jesse give him a present a dialed phone to his kid.
  • Christmas Review #69

    When she regrets purchasing a tacky Christmas gift for her father, Michelle convinces Jesse to take her back to the store on Christmas Eve for an exchange. Crotchety store owner Mr. Dreghorn is not very cooperative, however, and when Jesse and Michelle push him to the limit, he places them under arrest and locks them in the shop. Back at home, the family does their best to help the twins perceive Santa as something more than a frightening monster. I thought that this was an excellent Christmas episode of "Full House". It was very well made just like the other Christmas episodes and it was very funny. Mickey Rooney (who is a talented person and voiced in the Christmas special "Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town) did a terrific job in this Christmas episode. Like I said, there were many funny parts in this episode and it was also heartwarming. Overall, an excellent Christmas episode of "Full House". 10/10
  • favorite full house christmas special

    what i liked- the toy store owner getting the phone to talk to his grandkids, the toy store owner repeatedly playing pranks on jesse, such as the water he drinks, everyone mocking the 'gag gift' rebecca got for joey, obviously not knowing michelle bought the same thing for her dad, nicky and alex being afraid of santa (Really just joey), amongst other things.

    This is a really good episode because it combines humor with some emotion. The toy store owner, played by Mickey Rooney, is probably one of my favortie one-time characters, because of the emotional aspect of his character, that we find out near the end of the episode how lonely he is. A+ episode, a true holiday classic if you ask me
  • Bringing the Christmas Joy to everyone no matter how stubborn..

    This was a really great Christmas show that anyone can learn from. To start off, Its Christmas time in the Tanner household and everyone is putting there money together to by gifts for everyone in the family. Michelle has enough money ($5.00) to buy her dad, Danny a tie cup holder. Then, Becky brings home that exact same tie and Danny is making fun of it and saying why anyone would get that for someone for Christmas. She then asks her Uncle Jesse if she can go back to the store and exchange the gift she was going to give her dad for something else. Jesse doesn\'t want to go because its Christmas Eve. but is guilted into it with Michelle\'s ways. (haha) When they get to the store, the owner, Mr. Dreghorn, tells them that he doesn\'t give refunds. When Jesse tries to exchange the gift and takes something else and leaves the tie on the counter, Mr. Dreghorn supposedly pushes the alarm for the police to arrive. As they are locked in there, Jesse is getting joked around by all the funny stuff in the shop. In the end, Mr. Dreghorn tells them that he never hit the button and just kept them there because he was lonely and had nowhere to go for Christmas. Jesse and Michelle tell Mr. Dreghorn to come celebrate with them and he goes dressed as Santa. He calls his family and everything works out in the end. This episode was one of the best Christmas shows. :)
  • Nicky and Alex are scared of Santa Clause

    It all start when Michelle return with an gift for her father.In hope to share with the others of what she got.After hearing about how lame the christmas tie joke is.Feeling sad and worried that her father wont enjoy it.She decided to return it back with Jessie.However when they come to the store.Mr. Dreghorn the storeowner locks them in the store.Meanwhile Joey,plans to pretend to be Santa Clause for Nicky and Alex.Unfortunelly when they thought Stephaine and D.J were attacked by Santa.They think Santa is bad.While being stuck Jessie,being the one getting prank.Jessies tries to see if he could go to his family and celebrate.It reveals that his family doesn't live here.His family doesn't want him which he thinks.After deciding to release them.Michelle thought to invite him to spend Christmas with them.Now Alex and Nicky are afriad of the Ester bunny.

    An very good christmas episode.