Full House

Season 2 Episode 16

Baby Love

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 1989 on ABC

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  • BABY LOVE is one of my all time favorite episodes of Full House.

    There is something really special and just so sweet about this episode. I just love the story line of Michelle and Howie, they are just so adorable. I believe that this episode really shows different emotions of Michelle, instead of being just the cute smiley baby, she actually feels and shows emotions towards someone else. The scene where Michelle is in her cot and she is saying "Howie No Buh By..." made me want to cry the first time I saw it.

    It is episodes like this that define the show, good acting and good storylines.

    I give BABY LOVE 10 out of 10.
  • I guess you are never too young to have a relationship . . .

    Awwww . . . Michelle's first crush . . . at a young age of two or three . . . whatever. But it was soooo cute! The little, adorable, cute, Michelle had her first boyfriend, Howie Donaldson, of Nebraska. Sadly, Howie shortly goes back to Nebraska right before the first commerical break of the episode. Oh, it was sooo sad. I wish Howie would of stayed and later on in the show Michelle and Howie would really get together. I know, I know, I'm talking fantasy stuff here, folks, but it would be funny and cute! Thank goodness they had that idea of making 'Howie TV' for Michelle . . . I can't stand to look at Michelle when she is so sad, boo hoo!
  • Aww......Michelle's first crush

    Jessie hopes that Rebecca would go on date with him.As Michelle watches the news.She meets Howie,Rebecca's nephew and become instant crush.Meanwhile D.J and Kimmy are planning to watch an scarey movie.And Stephine wants to.Even when D.J insists that its scarey and she can't watched it.So than Stephine asked Jessie if she could watch it.Than Jessie said "Yes" while Rebecca tells him that it will scare them.After Howie has to leave.Michelle ends up sad very sad.Yeah so in the end.She cries out for Howie.Of course Jessie sings to Michelle about how everyone liked it when she's smiling.

    As you can see its almost Michelle first crush.Altough it is funny later when they meet at the wedding.They end up not liking each other.It didn't occur to them of their gender at time.
  • One of my absolute favorites

    This is a beautiful example of the bond between Jesse and Michelle. I love the song he sings to Michelle, and I always sing along with it. I saw this episode knowing that he was definitely going to make a great father, which he was (well, he was nearly perfect, anyways). I like the flashbacks to when "Michelle's smiling". He does everything he can to make things right, even though that he doesn't, and Becky does (LOL). All in all, this is a fantastic episode.
  • where howie?awwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    this episode really brings out michelles 2 year old adorableniss,she is sooo cute in this episode.i liked it because i just think it's a really sweet episode because it's michelle's very first real friend outside her stuffed animals.i liked the song about michelles smile jesse wrote for her and sang to her while flashbacks were on of her having a happy time,i thought that was really sweet,i also found it very funny when he sang that whole song for her and he says 'so michelle did you like the song' and she just says'where howie'.you'll be overwelmed by cutness i'm telling you!definetly worth while watching!.
  • oooo jesse said "one wink for yes two for no" then becky winked twice and then they went on a date!

    funny mistake i thought I'd just point out! i mean john stamos i a great actor but did he mess up or did the writers? plus did u notice that they changed Jesse's name during the series from jesse Coccron to jesse Katsopolis! luv this episode and the series is great... or was.
  • Excellent writing

    They did a great job showing Steph's desire to act really brave - probably a bit of Jesse showing up here, though many kids that age will try to act just like their bi sister or brother. Jesse and Becky arguing over names also was funny. And, of course, Michelle & Howie.
  • Ahh now Michelle has a boyfriend and I have a boyfriend and ...

    Ahh now Michelle has a boyfriend and I have a boyfriend and ... This episode was fun to watch first of all Stephanie was way to young to watch that movie and it was very funny when Jesse and Becky were fighting over their kids names. Dustin? Emily? Prescott? That was very cute. Also very funny was when the scary part of the movie comes on and Jesse jumps as well from being scared. Good episode. Many funny parts