Full House

Season 3 Episode 2

Back to School Blues

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 1989 on ABC

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  • Good, typically funny Full House episode..

    In this episode, the Tanners are all back from Hawaii and getting back into their lives. Stephanie is nervous about starting the second grade, since she is now the only Tanner at her school. DJ, on the other hand, is anxiously excited about JR. high. A funny part of the show was at the beginning, when DJ and Stephanie are applying hair spray to DJ's hair. As they finish, DJ does not seem satisfied; Stephanie remarks, "very natural!" DJ and Kimmy later arrive at school, only to feel behind in fashion and overall development. DJ eats lunch in a phone booth, while the older girls laugh at her. Stephanie comes home excited about second grade while DJ is not. The next day, Kimmy and DJ put on excess make-up, but Danny won't let them out. DJ and Becki have a talk, and DJ dresses more appropriately.
  • A great episode about getting back to school!

    The girls are having their first day of school. Stephanie gets nervous in the beginning because D.J can't defend her, but D.J wasn't that nervous because she didn't realize the students in junior high are so mature until she went to school and realized that she was one of the shortest, and to make it even worse, D.J and Kimmy can only see each other in one period, Spanish class, so D.J had to be alone most of the time. And at lunchtime, she realized that she was wearing the same outfit as the lunchroom lady and everybody was laughing and she had to eat lunch in the phone booth.

    Stephanie, however, was very nervous in the beginning, but then she realized that 2nd grade wasn't that bad. And meanwhile, Jesse scored very badly in golf. And D.J decides to put makeup the next day so she'd look more mature.

    When Danny and Becky told D.J. about what happens if she used too much makeup, she ended up not using any and she realized it's not that bad if you don't look that mature, and she made 2 friends from her English class. An excellent episode!
  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's the first day of junior high for DJ.First she has no classes with kimmy except for spanish and everyone looks alot older and wears older clothes and way too much makeup.DJ has to eat lunch in the phonebooth and she has on the same outfit as the teacher that nobody likes. Stefanie was kind of nervous about being the only tanner in elementary school but ended up having a great day. The next day kimmy and DJ put on too much makeup and older lookin clothes. Danny catches her walkin out for school and makes her change and take off her makeup Becky teaches her to put makeup on right. When she gets to school she finds out kimmy got changed into her lunch. Kimmy had to change too because her mom saw her getting on the bus.They make friends with two girls from DJ's english class who don't wear too much makeup.
  • Another great episode

    Overall, I thought this was a great episode, but if DJ actually wanted to get away with that dress and makeup, here are some simple solutions:

    1. Wear regular clothes to school. Keep "junior high" clothes and make-up in backpack. Once at school, take off regular clothes put on new clothes and make-up.

    2. Wear "junior high" clothes under regular clothes. Once at school, take off regular clothes and apply make-up.

    See, those are much simpler solutions. Anyways, I thought this was a great episode, and it showed a major thing most teenagers try to do every day: fit in. I myself wear tons of makeup and like dramatic looks, but that doesn't make me a ho. So Danny Tanner is partially wrong. Even though you wear a lot of make-up, that doesn't make you a bad person. Just be yourself.
  • Make up?

    djs first day in junior high. stephanie is sad because dj wont be at her school anymore. once dj goes to school she gets all nervous. because she sees this one guy with a mustache! and people are calling her scrubs. and they are always bumping into her. when she sees kimmy she says, kimmy! dont ever leave my side. the only class she has with kimmy is spanish. at lunch she sits in the phone booth and pretends she is calling a friend because everyone was laughing at her because she had the same outfit as the teacher everyone hates!
  • Make up anyone?

    I thought this was a really good episode I thought that it showed how kids can be influenced by their peers. DJ was trying to be somebody who she was not. When she tried to dress like the other kids she looked terrible. Thank goodness that Becky was around to help DJ out with tips on make up and other things. This was a really good episode.
  • Another great rite of passage episode

    Another great episode about the girls growing up and the men struggling - this time w/the first day of Junior High, how mature everyone else but them seems, the makeup, and the trouble the guys have with it all is spoiled by only one teensy thing. D.J. boasts about living in "different worlds," an attitude that will get her in trouble and probably makes her diary and other things like so much more a forbidden fruit. The book D.J., being mroe motherly, wouldn't do this, and they'd be closer.
    But, other than that, this episode is awesome, as so many things are written so memorably; even D.J. trying to act too grown up. Some others might not mind that part - I guess I just think she should be more helpful.