Full House

Season 7 Episode 21

Be Your Own Best Friend

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 1994 on ABC

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  • You can't friends with the stuff u have

    Its best friend week.Teddy moves back from Texa's.Danny gives the class an special project to trace their best friend.Teddy wants Michelle to trace him as an best friend.But Denise wanted her to trace her.The two begin to argue with each other and start giving Michelle.But when Michelle,begin to asked for things.Teddy and Denise begin to agree on how Michelle is taking advantage on her.So the two refuse to be her friend.Which sadden Michelle of course.Altough the 3 never knew the real meaning of the project.

    This episode was alright.An few things could've been fixed if Michelle wanted to keep her friends.She tried to say that they both are best friends instead of letting them try to give their stuff to her.
  • he's my best friend....

    Its very hard for kids at this age to know they can have more then one best friend. Michelle was acting greedy in this episode seeing who could give her the best gifts to be her best friend. She never figured they would both leave her as friends. It was nice when they all became friends together again.
    jesse is always getting jealous. It was sad to see him sitting there pouting when Roxi and Joey were being entertaining. Becky didn't fall for Jesse's plot for him and her to banter jokes back and forth just to impress the audience.
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