Full House

Season 2 Episode 6

Beach Boy Bingo

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 18, 1988 on ABC

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  • where's michelle goin' durin' the concert?

    to me this was another filler episode not really a adult's storyline; there were a few things that weren't resolved, one of them being where did michelle go when everyone else was at the concert?!? it might be possible though not likely that michelle was dropped of at grandmas house prior to the concert, as the beach boys say that they never start the concert w/out them. It is also possible that she was left alone but that would've been too sad. long story short: michelle vanished into thin air, there was absolutely NO adult plot and another filler if you'd wanna see a GOOD episode of full house then youre gonna have to wait awhile; i am mostly a negative person who semi-dislikes the beach boys if you are like me go watch a hilarious show like icarly or drake and josh of victorious or spongebob. but that;s just imo not like ya have ta follow in my footsteps.
  • Fun, fun, fun! Lucky DJ wins a 'dream night' with the Beach Boys - but can only bring ONE guest.

    This was like the first episode Full Episode had a special guest star who were like famous, singers, actors or actresses, and the Beach Boys made a perfect first special guests. But it made a tough decision for DJ. Instead of pciking one, she could of did Eenie, Menie, Miney, Mo, or Inky, Pinky, Ponky, or something like that instead of picking someone over the other and making someone else feeling real bad, and that first someone was Jesse, and the second someone was Danny, the one you might expect DJ to pick instead of her Uncle Jesse. What was funny was everybody bribing DJ. Jesse - a tape of the Beach Boys. Kimmy - fresh, homemade cookies. Joey - cooking one of DJ's favorite meals . . . I can't remember what the rest did but this episode was FU-NNY.
  • Beach Boy Bingo is an episode about DJ winning a radio contest where the prize is 2 tickets to see The Beach Boys. Since she can only bring one other person the whole family tries to bribe her into taking them to see The Beach Boys.

    This episode was the first episode of Full House that I remember seeing. This episode also marks the first time that I heard The Beach Boys sing "Kokomo" and "Barbara Ann", which are my two all-time favorite Beach Boy songs. I really loved seeing all the Beach Boys, especially Mike Love! This episode is a must see for all Beach Boy fans. It is kinda sad in a way because of Carl Wilson being gone now. Of course, John Stamos looked great on this episode like he does on all the episodes of Full or anything he is on. John Stamos is just way too cute for his own good.
  • I love this episode featuring The Beach Boys.

    The Beach Boys appear to be on Danny`s talk show and the family is excited to meet them.Meanwhile to DJ goes on a telephone contest to win tickets to The Beach Boys concert and wins two tickets to The Beach Boys concert and now she must choose who to take DJ decides to take Jesse when DJ soon realizes she will not go to the concert with Jesse when the Tanners get a phone call from The Beach Boys and decides that the whole family can now come to the concert with DJ and Jesse.Meanwhile Joey and Jesse are disappointed when they have to cancel.At the concert the Tanners have a blast when The Beach Boys let them sing a song with them.
  • A great appearance of the Beach Boys!

    This episode is another great episode of Full House. First, D.J. tried to guess the song that's on the radio, and when D.J. guessed it right, she won a night with the Beach Boys, but unfortunately, can only take ONE guest. So everybody started doing nice things for D.J. so she would take them as her guest. Then, when she chose Jesse, Danny got jealous. But at the end, the event turned out to be really great, as everybody in the family gets to spend the night with the Beach Boys.

    Overall, this storyline is very great, but my most favorite part of this episode is Michelle painting her dresser and also everybody doing D.J. favours.
  • What an awesome episode. The Beach Boys first time on the show and i love em'!

    What an awesome episode! I loved it when they were all singing at the tanner household. Also when DJ couldn't think of the name of the song on the radio and she said, "Help me Gibbler!" into the phone! I won't get into everything because I don't want to ruin it! The strange thing of this episode is that when the family goes to the concert, to watch the Beach Boys, Michelle is not there!?
    Maybe they left her with a babysitter, but, who knows. Anyway a great episode overall but still not my favorite one of all time! Now I have to go look for Michelle! Bye!
  • It's the Beach Boys!

    This was so cool, I loved DJ on the radio contest, "Help me Gibbler!" "Help me Rhonda!" Haha! But then when DJ has to make the decision of who she will take to see the concert with her: Jesse or her Dad? And they're not making the choice easy. But guess who shows up and saves the day! The Beach Boys! It was so cool that they guest starred on the show, I loved it! And everyone got to go! Yeah! Kokomo! Definently a very special episode, I mean how many times do the Beach Boys star in an episode?
  • One of my favorites!

    I love this episode! I wouldve liked to be in this episode but unfortunetly I wasnt born yet. Having the beach boys in this episodes really made me gain intrest in it. My favorite part would have to be at the end when the beach boys tell DJ that she could bring her whole family and then Michelle says \"Kokomo\" and then the beach boys are like \"A request\" and then they all start singing the chorus to kokomo and then they all appear on stage just then. This episode brings tears to my eyes because its a fun episode.
  • good if you ust to like the beach boys.the whole show is all about them,if you liked the beach boys and you don't even like full house you should still watch this episode.

    this episode is basicly about dj winning a contest to see the beach boys and her not able to choose who to take.it's really fun whether you rate the beach boys or hate the beach boys.it's a serious classic any full house watcher has to see this episode!mainly if you like music or especially the beach boys but still even if your not into that sort of thing still great episode,it's sort of like in the episode of the brady bunch how cindy couldn't decide who to take to watch her in that play her mom or dad remember that?it's the same storyline but it's different the way things happen in the episode.it definetly catches your attention if you put this on while you werec trying to get to sleep you should try something else because this will not put you to sleep!it's also got funny parts as all full house episodes,i liked it the best probably when dj told her family and kimmy that she could only take one person and michelle put her hand up and said 'me me'that was so adorable.for 2 year olds i tell you mary-kate and ashley were the best actors around!how many 2 year olds could use simple instructions and make it really cute like that.there talent at such a young age was unbelievable,they wouldn't even of been able to count to 5 let alone spell there name!main point you gotta watch this episode of full house!lol.
  • Not only Jesse & the Beach Boys, but Michelle getting a bit like a 2YO painting on her dresser

    This not only has a great concept - D.J. winning tickets, unsure of who to ask, and great music, it also had something few fans notice. Michelle painting on her dresser instead of the paper. At just about 2, she'd normally get timeout if it kept up. Danny leads her back, but she'll try sometime int he future, and someone would have had to punish her by taking awaay her paints or something, if not with timeout. Otherwise she'd be out of control with that a lot earlier. So, even though it's her first official punishment, someone - probably D.J. - was punishing her before. (See "Crimes and Michelle's Misdemeanor", others for elaboration.)
  • The beach boys and Jesse

    I liked this episode because I love any episode when Jesse sings in it. It was also very cool to have him sing with the beach boys, which he does in fututre episodes.It was funny when DJ said "Help me Gibler" and and the guys ran in to tell her it was help me rhonda. Though I highly doubt that a singing sensation would arrive at your home to pick you up, it was a nice touch. A fun episode to watch and see the band perform.
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