Full House

Season 6 Episode 14

Birthday Blues

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 1993 on ABC

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  • She's only 16

    This was just an average episode. Seriously how could DJ forget Kimmy's birthday. A friend she has had since childhood. And knowing Kimmy she had reminded DJ many times before that. Also DJ needed to be taught a lesson that just because you have a boyfriend you don't forget your friends. It wasn't funny how they threw together a party. that was really sad. They would have been better off taking Kimmy out to dinner to celebrate.
  • Humorous, unforgettable episode!

    This is a fantastic episode; one of my favorites. The humor in this one is what makes it so appealing. The jokes between Kimmy and Steph really bring out what makes their relationship so funny and vital to the show. Not only do Kimmy and Steph bring out the best in their characters, everyone does. D.J.'s dry cracks about the cake, for example, are great. Michelle's toying with Uncle Jesse is wonderfully typical of her, as is Vicki's almost "lost" personality. When I think of the middle seasons of Full House, I think of when the kids are in their problematic ages like this, and when the problems are funny and satisfying.
  • Kimmy was hilarious in this episode!

    Birthday Blues is about DJ getting ready for her 6 month anniversary with Steve. DJ has forgotten about a very special day for Kimmy, her 16th birthday. DJ has been so excited about their special night that she forgot. DJ tells Kimmy that its her anniversary, and then Kimmy says it is also her birthday. Kimmy thinks DJ is throwing her a surprise party. Kimmy goes home to change and everyone needs to set up for her party. After Kimmy opened her weird presents, Steve ruins it for her and Kimmy`s feeling get hurt. DJ and Kimmy have a talk at the end. This episode was so funny and it was great!