Full House

Season 2 Episode 19

Blast from the Past

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 07, 1989 on ABC

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  • It would take a special woman to love Joey

    Joey has many idiosyncracies - he is very childlike, and needs lots of encouragement to behave like an adult. Still, he has grown up a lot since college as it was, and it's good to see him get closure here. THe other parts were quite funny, too, esp. Kimmy's handcuffs.
  • Jesse sees his old friend from 1980!

    I remember seeing this Epsiode and I thought: hey, this was pretty good! It was Special because Jesse meets a Woman he was Best Friends with in his High School days, and they were really close, but then in 1980 was Jesse's High School Graduation, and he drove his Motorcycle through the Gymnasium! And he talked with his Best Girl Friend and trouble started when she said she was going far away to a Modeling Agency and won't be back for a while. So Jesse was a little disappointed in this Because that wasd the last time he saw her for 10 Years until this Superb Epiosde! But he realizes though that he was meant for Becky, but it was good to see Jesse's Old Friend again!
  • bottom of the barrel.i\'d still watch it though.

    bottom of the barrel.i\'d still watch it though.it was an average episode,i don\'t really rate it i don\'t really hate it,it\'s a very different episode in a way because usually all that love pretty girl stuff get\'s handed out to jesse but in this case it got handed out to joey.it\'s not bad though it has its funny parts as usual just in my opinion it\'s average you might love it.i give it about 8 and a half.
  • He won't be home till when?

    This episode had a lot of humor in it.It was very funny in the end when Jesse slips the cuffs off DJ and onto Kimmy. In the mean time Joey shows how much he has grown up since high school. He isn't into the games Patty was trying to play. But at least he got an unknown question ansewered after many years as to why Patty left him. That could bring him some closure. Danny doing an imatation of the mexican hat dance was funny. But I still think Danny needs to switch to decaf.
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