Full House

Season 8 Episode 2

Breaking Away

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 1994 on ABC

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  • But it's my room

    I liked this episode for several reasons. It show how hard it is for most parents to let go of the fact that their babies are growing up. Pre school is a very hard step for a parent to take like in the struggle that Jesse and Becky had. Parent then have to the fact their babies are not babies any longer. The story line about Stephanie and her was a good one as well. Most teenagers don't want to clean their rooms. And a appriotate responce was given by Stephanie. Good example of real life delema's and real life solutions.
  • D.J.'s been laying down the law for a while I guess

    When D.J. says yelling has always worked with her, she didn't say it like Danny had done that - which he hadn't always. It was more like she had been doing that - the girls do respond to her, which is good b/c especially Michelle doesn't have Danny or the others being consistent.
  • Nicky and Alex's first day at preschool and Jesse and Becky have their own difficulties letting go. Stephanie's first day in 7th grade; same as Gia now. She keeps her room messy as Gia encourages it, making Michelle want to move in with DJ.

    This is similar to the episode of DJ starting junior high and dressing provocatively with too much makeup. And Danny says "when I was in junior high it was my dad's shirt and my brother's pants". First mention of Danny's brother. Otherwise it was funny watching Jesse take the twins to preschool and get overprotective. Kind of like The First Day of School when Stephanie was shy, but the twins obviously were not. And then Jesse and Joey homeschooling preschool and it turns out to be a disaster! Very entertaining! And touching when they realize they need to start letting go now or they'll have a harder time with seeing them off to college.