Full House

Season 8 Episode 2

Breaking Away

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 04, 1994 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • You may recognize Bonnie Urseth (the twins' preschool teacher), who appeared in one episode of Punky Brewster, another child-friendly television show from the 1980's. There, Urseth appeared in a heartwarming Season 2 episode as a mentally challenged custodian at Punky's school.

    • In this episode, Jesse pulls Nicky and Alex out of preschool, just as he did with Michelle in Season 3.

    • Michelle's condescending treatment of Stephanie's best pal Gia is like a re-creation of the way Stephanie always talked to DJ's best friend Kimmy.

  • Quotes

    • DJ: Dad, Michelle thinks that she can move in with me just because Stephanie has turned their room into a disaster area.
      Danny: That room is still a mess? I distinctly told her to clean it this morning!
      Michelle: Well, maybe you need to tell her more distincter!

    • Danny: Wow! Steph, what are you wearing?
      Stephanie: Clothes.
      Danny: Let me rephrase that. What are you not wearing? (imitates buzzer) "Danny" for $100. What is a long-enough shirt?

    • Jesse: (referring to the class) OK, boys, time to say bye-bye.
      Nicky & Alex: Bye-bye, Daddy.

    • Danny: if you don't clean up this room you'll be grounded for 2 weeks. Bigfoot will be seen around this neighborhood more than you. Do I make myself clear?
      Stephanie: Loud and clear.
      Danny: Good. And DJ, I don't want you seeing Kimmy anymore.
      DJ: What?
      Danny: Sorry, I was on a roll.
      DJ: Dad, what happened to staying calm?
      Danny: Oh, no, see, that was calm. And boy, you don't want to see me when I get mad!

    • (Michelle Is trying to move into D.J.'s room and DJ calls her dad to tell Stephanie to clean her room so Michelle will go back.)
      DJ: Dad go in there and yell. Lay down the law! It always worked with me.
      Danny: You know Deej, over the years I've found there are other ways besides yelling. Somethime a little subtle psychology goes a long way. Lets watch.
      (Danny goes to Stephanie's room)
      Michelle: What's subtle psychology?
      DJ: Not that.
      (DJ and Michelle go into Stephanie's room)
      Danny: Look at this mess! It looks like your closet threw up!
      Stephanie: But Dad...
      Danny: NO "BUT DAD'S"! If this room is not in the Tanner standards by the time dinner is ready, you're gonna be grounded for two weeks! BiGFOOT will be seen around this neighborhood more than you! Am I clear?
      Stephanie: Loud and clear.
      Danny: Good. And DJ, I don't want yoy seeing Kimmy anymore.
      DJ: WHAT?
      Danny: Sorry, I was on a roll, I thought I'd go for it.
      DJ: Dad, what happened to subtle psychology?
      Danny: No, you see, that was subtle psychology. "You don't wanna see me when I get mad."

    • (Michelle looks around her room and is stunned by how messy it is)
      Michelle: Get ready to not watch TV for the rest of your life
      Gia: Oh little Michelle! When you get older you'd understand.
      Michelle: When you get older you still won't.
      Stephanie: I'll handle it. Michelle, we've been taking orders from Dad all our lives what do we have to show for it.
      Michelle: A nice house, good food, and a buck a week. Don't rock the boat.

    • Gia: Hello little Michelle. Are you ready for your first day of third grade?
      Michelle: Are you ready for your third year of seventh grade?

  • Notes

    • Whenever Jesse crawls into the classroom and goes under the table, that little boy comes up to him and goes "STRANGER!!". In the much earlier episode of Stephanie's first day of school, A little girl yelled the same thing ("STRANGER, STRANGER") to Jesse.

  • Allusions

    • Danny: (imitates buzzer) "Danny" for $100. What is a long-enough shirt?

      This is similar to Jeopardy!, a very popular quiz show.

    • Jesse refers to Nicky and Alex as Ren and Stimpy which is a referrence to the cartoon Ren and Stimpy

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