Full House

Season 3 Episode 3

Breaking up is Hard to Do (in 22 Minutes)

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 1989 on ABC

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  • Michelle becomes a little selfish...

    In this episode, Stephanie lost a tooth and then left milk and cookies for the Tooth Fairy, and meanwhile Michelle gets a little jealous and doesn't share her toys with her playgroup. Also, Jesse didn't want to go horseback riding anymore with Becky, and Becky told Jesse that she doesn't like to go to the Smash Club. Then Jesse told Michelle that Becky was stubborn and pigheaded, but he didn't realize that Becky could hear him through the baby monitor, and since Becky heard him, she got angrier at Jesse so they decided to break up. And then the next day, Stephanie found 20 dollars, and she thought that she got all this money because she gave the Tooth Fairy milk and cookies. Meanwhile, everybody teaches Michelle how to share, and then, D.J. and Stephanie helped Jesse and Becky to get back together. It's another great episode.
  • The tooth Fairy

    When Steph looses a tooth, "The tooth fairy" leaves a 20 dollar bill under her pillow. She is so excited. Danny had made an error when pulling out a bill for Steph.
    The major plot in this episode is Jesse and Becky break up because of an overheard conversation on the baby monitar. Fighting about doing things that the other doesn't like to do because the feel they have to instead of wanting to. Good episode
  • Always check the baby monitor

    It starts with a reference to Becky's horse, has some great Jesse/Becky moments, and indeed shows how their relationship was so much like D.J.'s and Steve's, mostly superficial at first. Except, being adults, they're able to work out things, realize how to improve their relationship, and draw closer, so that the next 9 months see something that blossoms into true romance. This is the season of growth for this couple, and it's fun to watch it bloom.