Full House

Season 3 Episode 16

Bye, Bye Birdie

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 1990 on ABC

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  • Another average episode...

    This is another one of the average episodes because the storyline here isn't totally amusing. I didn't really like Michelle's timeline, especially her dream of what preschool would be like, because it's so kiddish and immature. Anyways, Michelle couldn't wait until preschool starts, but when she got to class, she realized that preschool wasn't that fun when she let go of the class bird and none of the other kids wanted to be her friend. However, I did like Stephanie's part in this episode, when she broke the lock on DJ's diary, and tried to fix it while hiding it from everyone else, especially DJ. It was funny when her hand got stuck to the diary when gluing the lock, and when Joey tried to unstick her hand, his hand got stuck onto it, and DJ blamed it on Joey!
  • the cutest episode ever!

    this is the cutest michelle episode ever it's soooooooooooo cute!the dream sequence is really funny,it really shows a 3-year olds mind.it's also really funny like when she throws her toy bird in the air and then says 'aw...your no hewlp'so cute.you have to see this episode if you havn't and are interested in full house especially if your a michelle lover.her reaction once the bird flys out the window is also really funny.it's also sweet at the end and her end line just makes you think awwwwwwwww.my favourite part would probably be when she's in her bed after the guys and becky said goodnight to her the night before pre-school and she says'i can't sleep this is nuts'.
  • We're gonna fly now.......

    This was just an average episode. When Michelle opened the cage in pre school and the bird flew out of course she was going to feel bad and of course Danny would have to replace it. It was a typicle day in the life of a pre schooler who let down the class.
    The diary thing is a running plot throughout the whole series. Stephanie is always trying to nose into DJ's business.
  • Cute ep. w/another sign Michelle knows what it means to be bad & has been punished in timeout, just not by Danny

    They depict a 3-yer-old very well here - trying to dress herself and getting it backwards, just wanting to play with a bird & not understanding the consequences, etc.. Yet, she knows from seeing it fly away she was a "bad gvirl" - had she never been scolded for something she did wrong she would not know that concept. And then, she spends the whole time just sitting int he corner - she may not have been facing the wall, but she was sitting there, as if that was where she knew bad girls went.