Full House

Season 8 Episode 8

Claire and Present Danger

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 1994 on ABC

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  • Seems like they wedged this in to create unlikely problems

    I'm sorry, but this episode just seemed like they tried too hard. Yeah, many best friends dream of being siblings, but Michelle seems too left out here, and I think Danny would sense that long before it happened. However, they do handle it well,a nd I'm glad it's Stephanie who haas the talk and that Danny doesn't have to. She does show Gia something here that will help later, that she'll always chosoe Michelle over her. And, that does help. So maybe I'll pump this up to "average" from "not my favorite storyline." But, I just can't see DAnny and Claire going out. Unless he was so sorry he hurt her feelings about Gia's attitude he asked her out - he asked Vicki out when he wanted to show how nice he really waas.
  • Give me a Rootbeer

    this was just an average episode. By now the girls are used to their dad dating and its no big deal any more but this time it is cause Danny is dating Gia's mom. Stephanie's best friends mom. So of course Gia and steph are going to buddy up. Michelle's little performance was silly. First off though I know its just a show but tryiing to keep it somewhat near reality.. where would Michelle get those clothes that she wore at first in the club? Also the I can't play guitar cause I'm to heart broken was just pathetic. It sounds like it came staight out of a love sick song.
  • Really good.

    Claire and Present Danger is a fantastic episode. It hilarious too. Danny falls for Stephanie's friend's mother, named Claire. Steph and Gia think that they may become sisters, so Michelle feels left out. When all of them are at the Smash Club listening to Jesse's band, Michelle dresses up like a punk. When Danny sees her, he gets really mad. At the end, Danny tells Michelle that they won't get married, and Steph apologizes to Michelle. Meanwhile, Joey meets a French lady and they go to the Smash Club together. All in all, a very good episode and it was very funny too.