Full House

Season 8 Episode 8

Claire and Present Danger

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 1994 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • When Danny tells Michelle to change out of her punk get-up, Michelle does, and she comes back shortly after with her hair arranged perfectly in a nice half ponytail. However, in her previous scene, she had clearly used hairspray to make her hair all frizzy and going every which way, so it's physically impossible that she got it to be completely straight and clean again, unless she went home and washed it.

    • Mary-Kate Olsen, who plays Michelle in the classic "makeover" scene, really shows her knack for comedy at a young age. It was especially funny when she asked Claire, "Got a smoke?" Interestingly, Mary-Kate later did a similar bit with her character in her and Ashley's short-lived but hilarious sitcom "Two of a Kind," in an episode where the girls were trying to drive away their father's newest date (just as Michelle did in this episode).

    • While Stephanie and Gia are reading a teen magazine, Stephanie mentions "teased hair, leather jacket, black lipstick;" this is the exact look Michelle wears when she rebels against Danny's dating Claire.

    • When Danny and Claire join Stephanie and Gia at their table, DJ comes over and asks if she can take everyone's order. But after introducing herself to Claire, she leaves without taking any orders. Then Danny says he's going to go and get two cappuccinos. Why didn't he just ask DJ?

      Response: D.J. may have gotten a bit uncomfortable when Danny started talking about his cologne.

    • In this episode, Kimmi says that she got a D in french. In previous episodes, her and DJ both took spanish. She suddenly takes french?

  • Quotes

    • DJ: (at Smash Club) Hi, I'm DJ, and I'll be your waitress.
      Danny: Hi, I'm Danny, and I'll be your father!

    • Michelle: So, you must be the babe who's hittin' on my old man! Got a smoke?
      Claire: (shocked) Oh, no, I'm sorry, I quit.
      Michelle: Too bad, I'm trying to start.

    • Michelle: Hey, I'm just being myself--bad to the bone!
      Danny: Michelle, I've seen all your X-rays, you don't have a bad bone in your body! Come here. Look, I want you to go into the bathroom, change right now, and I want all that makeup off your face, and then you come back, and we're gonna talk about this.
      Michelle: (in a snotty voice) Maybe we will, maybe we won't! (Danny gives her a look) Maybe we will?

    • Michelle: Move it or lose it! Is my root beer here yet? I like to suck it down before all the foam's gone!

    • Gia: My mom and your dad? Steph, this is so cool!
      Stephanie: Yeah. I mean, what if they really hit it off and get married? How great would that be? We'd be sisters! Yes!
      Gia: Then we could share the same room, stay up late...
      Stephanie: ...Put our beds together and share secrets no one would understand! (chuckles)
      Michelle: Hey, wait a second! This is my room, too!
      Gia: Don't worry, little Michelle. We'll find a place for you. It's a big house.

    • (Stephanie and Gia are reading a teen magazine)
      Stephanie: (responding to a picture of a punk girl) Whoa, check this out: teased hair, leather jacket, black lipstick. What would your mom say if you walked out of the house like that?
      Gia: Nothing. She'd be unconscious.
      (they laugh)
      Michelle: Hey, can I see?
      Stephanie: Uh, Michelle, this isn't really for you.
      Gia: Why don't you go read one of your baby books?
      Michelle: Why don't you just go?

    • Stephanie: Gia, we're gonna have such a cool time! I rented a Keanu Reeves movie.
      Gia: Ooh, which one?
      Stephanie: Who cares? He takes off his shirt.

    • Michelle: (trying to make Claire think she's a punk) Got a cigarette?
      Claire: No, I'm trying to quit.
      Michelle: Too bad, I'm trying to start.

    • Danny: Hey, Claire...do you like coffee?
      Claire: Well, Danny, I work at a coffee shop. I make coffee, I drink coffee, I guess you could say I pretty much have coffee coming out of my ears!
      Danny: Oh. Well, if you could get whipped cream to come out of your nose, we'd be in business!

    • Stephanie: Did your mom and my dad just go out on a date?
      Gia: Nah, they're just going to get coffee.
      Stephanie: At their age, that's a date!

    • Michelle: Dad, if you want to marry Claire, you can.
      Danny: Michelle, it's our second date!

    • Stephanie: (acknowledging Michelle's clothing choice) Where were you? Madonna's garage sale?

    • Stephanie: (to Michelle): There's are alot of thinks I could do with you that I couldn't do with Gia.

    • Claire: Can I sit down?
      Michelle: No.
      Danny: Michelle, that's rude!
      Michelle: Well, how can she dance with you if you're sitting down?

    • Michelle: You kept talking about how cool it would be to have Gia as a sister. I thought you didn't like me.
      Stephanie: I do think it would be cool to have Gia as a sister, but I didn't think it would be uncool to have you as a sister.

    • Claire: You're Danny's little Michelle?
      Michelle: Who were you expecting, little Miss Muffet?

    • (After Michelle changes)
      Claire: This is the Michelle I was expecting!
      Michelle: Yeah, I clean up nice.

    • Stephanie: So what are you gonna wear to the Smash Club tonight?
      Michelle: I don't know, but I'm thinking about my sunflower dress.
      Gia: Little Michelle, she was talking to me.
      Michelle: In that case, Stephanie...speak slowly, and don't use big words!

  • Notes

    • Nicky and Alex only appear in the beginning scene before the opening credits.

    • During the closing credits, we see images of Jesse's new band, "Hot Daddy And The Monkey Puppets", performing at the Smash Club.

  • Allusions

    • Named after the 1994 Harrison Ford movie:"Clear & Present Danger"

      Or, if you trace the expression "Clear and Present Danger" further back, the title comes from a political doctrine.

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