Full House

Season 6 Episode 1

Come Fly with Me

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 1992 on ABC

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  • Come Fly with me

    This was a very silly episode. First of all Steph and Michelle would never had been able to get on that plane. No matter what the circumstance were. Secondly why wasn't somebody paying attention to where the kids were. Especially in a busy airport.
    The whole story line about DJ bringing home Steve well how coinsedential would that be to meet a guy thousands of miles away that goes to your own school. Come on.....
  • Stephanie and Michelle accidentally flew to New Zealand...

    When D.J. came back from Spain, everybody couldn't wait for her to get back, especially the girls, who had a lousy summer. But D.J. was too busy making out with Steve, and that made Danny had a long talk with D.J. While they were talking, Stephanie and Michelle accidentally went on a plane to New Zealand (the reason is better left to be unmentioned, so watch the episode to find out). Meanwhile, Joey tried to contact with a girl he saw before by calling on the phone.

    This episode is an excellent season opener; Stephanie and Michelle's storyline was definitely unexpected, and you wouldn't believe that they accidentally flew to New Zealand unless you watch it.
  • DJ returns leaving Stephanie and Michelle to believe she didn't care about them.

    With DJ arriving back home after a summer in Spain, Stephanie and Michelle are excited about the "big surprise" she has been mentioning in her postcards. When the family gathers at the airport to greet her, DJ steps off the plane kissing someone special--Steve Hale, whom she met through the summer study program. Frustrated that DJ is too preoccupied to pay attention to them, Stephanie and Michelle get into a heap of trouble when, while following a handsome boy into an airplane, they unexpectedly jet off to Auckland, New Zealand! Their reunion with Dad won't be as pleasant as they'd like, but when the girls get back home, will they finally get to enjoy some quality time with their beloved older sister?
  • DJ get's a boyrfriend.

    I thought it was rude of DJ to make out with Steve as if she didn't know her family would be waiting for her outside the gate area. I loved the scenes where Stephanie and Michelle were on the airplane it was funny the way she was being silly without meaning to and Stephanie was so worried. I thought it was also funny the way Joey was trying to find that lady and he ends up speaking to an old lady with blue hair and yet he still asked if she was single what a loser lol. Overall a good episode.
  • Should of been a two-parter.

    Take a hike, romeo! DJ comes home after taking a trip with Kimmy to Spain. And she brings home no ordinary surprise. Instead of a gift or souvenir to remind herself and her family of Spain, she brought home a boy - a guy, yeah, you can say that. His name is Steve, and you know how Danny is when one of his daughters (usually DJ) has a boyfriend and at this age, DJ and Steve . . . you know. But upset at DJ, Stephanie is looking around an airport and finds a boy she thinks is cute and follows him onto a plane (along with Michelle) that goes to Auckland, (pronounced like Oakland) New Zealand. Stephanie thinking Oakland, California, and doesn't figure out she was going to New Zealand until she got on the plane. But it all happened so fas.t It should of been a two parter.
  • Only problem is they'd turn around normally

    This was fairly good in a few ways, and I could see Stephanie and Michelle trying to have an adventure of their own. But, even before 911, anyone who was on board without having a ticket who was found thaat eaarly, they'd turn the plane around - especially for that long a flight.
    This idea really came from an actual case of a man who boarded a flight to Oakland, thinking it was to Oakland, and found himself going to Auckland, New Zealand. He did make the whoel trip, but, 1. He was an adult, these were small children; and, 2. He didn't realize till much later. If they'd made Steph and Michelle realize only after hours int he air it'd be more realistic.
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