Full House

Season 6 Episode 1

Come Fly with Me

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 22, 1992 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Starting with this season Kimmy appears in every episode.

    • On the DVD version, when Kimmy returns from Spain, the closed-captions don't italicize "Tanneritos", which is the Spanish term for "Tanners"!

    • This episode marks Scott Weigner's official introduction as D.J.'s steady boyfriend, Steve Hale, but it's not the first time D.J. has had her eyes on him. For one episode, in last season's Sisters in Crime, they went to the movies together, yet in that episode, his name was Steve Peters, and now he is Steve Hale.

  • Quotes

    • Danny: I am so sorry. I imagine this sort of thing happens all the time.
      Flight Attendant: Not really. Bye, girls.
      (she exits)
      Michelle: Bye, Susie.
      Stephanie: Michelle!
      Michelle: (more depressed) I mean, "Bye, Susie".

    • Michelle: She'll be drivin' 6 white horses when she comes.
      Choir: YEE-HA!
      Michelle: She'll be drivin' 6 white horses when she comes.
      Choir: YEE-HA!
      Michelle: I think somebody forgot to sing the "yee-ha"'s.
      Stephanie: I'm too depressed to "yee-ha". When Dad gets ahold of us, the only song we're gonna be singing is, "We'll Be Grounded for Life".
      Michelle: (sings again) We'll be grounded for life when he comes.
      Choir: YEE-HA!
      All: We'll be grounded for life when she comes.
      We'll be grounded for life.
      We'll be grounded for life...

    • Flight Attendant: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to flight 40. We should be arriving at our destination, Auckland, New Zealand, in 14 hours.
      (Michelle and Stephanie are in the state of shock)
      Stephanie: Auckland, New Zealand?!
      Michelle: 14 hours?!
      (they both yell in agony)

    • Michelle: Hey, kid, are you coming or going?
      Choir Girl: Pardonez moi. (says "I didn't know you only spoke English" in French)
      Michelle: If you say so.
      Stephanie: I think she's from another country.
      Michelle: Duh!

    • D.J.: I can't believe this. You're treating me like a child.
      Danny: D.J., you're not acting like an adult. Making out in an international terminal?! What'll people think of America?
      D.J.: Dad!

    • Joey: (imitates the Godfather) Steve. Welcome to the family, my son. Someday, we may call on you for a favor. And when I do, Steve-- (Danny moves him) Michael?
      Danny: What I think the Godfather's trying to say is, what exactly do you 2 mean by going together?
      Kimmy: C'mon, Mr. T. You're not that old. It means they can't keep their paws off each other.
      D.J.: (grits her teeth) Silencio, el bigmouth.
      Kimmy: Si. Adios. Hasta la baggage.

    • Steve: So, uh, you guys all came in 1 car?

    • Flight Attendant: Here we are. Back home, safe and sound.
      Michelle: Thanks, Susie. New Zealand was so fun.
      Stephanie: Michelle, that wasn't New Zealand. That was the airport gift shop.

    • Stephanie: DJ is going to save my summer!
      Jesse: What are you talking about, Steph? You had a good summer. You went to camp.
      Stephanie: Oh, right. Camp Day O'Fun! I was the oldest camper there. The other kids called me "ma'am!"

    • D.J.: Hey, how you guys doin'?
      Stephanie: More questions.
      D.J.: Speaking of questions, I have one. Are you nuts?! What made you get on that plane to New Zealand?
      Michelle: That's 2 questions.
      Stephanie: We had a crummy summer, then you came back and didn't even care about us. We just wanted to have some fun.
      D.J.: What do you mean I didn't care about you?
      Michelle: You were too busy kissing Steve.

    • Michelle: Remember how, on the plane, we kept saying "We want to go home, we want to go home?"
      Stephanie: Yeah.
      Michelle: Well, now that we're home, why do I want to go back on the plane?
      Stephanie: Because we're grounded for a month. Any other questions?
      Michelle: Yes. Why do men have hair up their nose?

    • Michelle: Stephanie, do they have ice cream in New Zealand?
      Stephanie: I don't know, Michelle.
      Michelle: But they probably do, right?
      Stephanie: Who cares? When we get out of here, all we're gonna be thinking about is going to jail.
      Michelle: Oh, right....do they have ice cream in jail?
      Stephanie: Michelle, try to stay with me on this: We are looking at hard times! I have 14 hours to figure out a plan. Just stay calm and cool and--
      Flight Attendant: Drinks?
      Stephanie: All right, all right, we did it, we snuck on the plane! Please, please, please have mercy on us!
      Michelle: That was your plan?

    • Terry: We're the International Young People's Choir. We're on our world tour. We've been to 14 countries.
      Stephanie: Fascinating. We've been to Nowheresville.
      Michelle: Is that where I got sick in the car?

    • Stephanie: (introduces herself to everyone in the choir on the plane) Stephanie Tanner, U.S.A. Stephanie Tanner, U.S.A.
      Michelle: Michelle Tanner, C.A.T.
      Stephanie: Michelle!
      Michelle: That's all I could spell.

    • Joey: (Pretending to be the Godfather):"Steven..welcome to the family, my son. One day, we will call on you for a favor, and when I do,Steven, you will-(Gets cut off by Danny)

  • Notes

    • The opening credits with the show's theme song, Everywhere You Look, have been shortened to one minute. Beginning with this episode, they go straight to the song's refrain and just start showing the actors' names right away. Also, the logo that reads "Full House" is now in yellow instead of white, as it was in Seasons 1-5.

    • First (and only) appearances of the Flight Attendant and the International Young People's Choir.

    • This episode introduces Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, who play Jesse and Rebecca's 2-year-old twin boys Nicky and Alex.

    • Steve is now an offical cast member of the show until season 7.

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